Exponent CloudMail

Exponent CloudMailTM


API ForensicsTM is proud to announce the release of Exponent CloudMailTM, the first in a series of products belonging to the ExponentTM library of DFIR add-on X-Tensions for X-Ways Forensics (XWF).


Exponent CloudMailTM is a powerful email collection tool that supports IMAP mail collection from 3rd service providers that include, but are not limited to, Microsoft, Google, AOL, Yahoo and Zoho. The collection process is conducted in real-time, right from within an active X-Ways Forensics case file. Now it’s possible for forensic examiners to aggregate enterprise mail (e.g., Outlook PST files) with web mail and search everything at the same time, with just one tool!


Search Warrant Support


Some of the exciting features which help law enforcement, particularly with search warrants, include:


  • Filter specific messages using any combination of keywords and GREP expressions
  • Powerful AND/OR logic makes it possible to further narrow the field of search
  • Perform keyword searches of common email fields such as From, To, Subject, CC, BCC, Body, Headers and attachment filenames
  • Target any combination of mailbox sub-folders (aka: Labels for Gmail) on the remote server (e.g., Inbox, Sent Items, custom folders)
  • Narrow the scope of your search using date ranges of when messages were sent


Leveraging the Power of X-Ways Forensics (XWF)


Exponent CloudMailTM is designed to take advantage of the many powerful built-in functionalities and features of X-Ways Forensics when processing downloaded messages. Using Refine Volume Snapshot after the collection process is complete will automatically extract embedded attachments, timestamps, conduct file signature analysis, and decode various message elements.


Forensic examiners will appreciate the reconstructed folder structure within the Case Data pane of an open XWF case file. This provides an intuitive means to investigate mailbox contents. This replication of the source location is further propogated via the Full Path column in XWF which is helpful for reporting purposes.


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