Exponent Load Ready

Exponent LoadReadyTM


API ForensicsTM is proud to announce the release of Exponent LoadReadyTM, the next product in a series of offerings belonging to the ExponentTM library of DFIR add-on X-Tensions for X-Ways Forensics (XWF).


Exponent LoadReadyTM creates industry compatible production sets for E-discovery purposes from data selected within an X-Ways Forensics case file. Forensic examiners no longer have to deal with the challenges of having to manually compile disclosure materials into some type of meaningful arrangement which can then be passed along to legal stakeholders for redaction and further analysis.





Exponent FacesTM supports photos and video files, including media embedded in text messages, from mobile devices acquired using *Magnet Axiom and **MSAB XRY by importing them directly into X-Ways Forensics with the use of Exponent MobileMediaTM and Exponent MobileMessagingTM.


We are happy to announce yet another tool to improve the way forensic examiners do business.

Everyday, practitioners from all industries, particularly law enforcement and government agencies, work with electronic evidence on a daily basis. For many, X-Ways Forensics (XWF) is their primary tool of choice to do the heavy lifting in an investigation. And, once the evidence has been identified and collected, quite often, investigators have to pass their findings onto their E-discovery colleagues in legal for further processing.

Arguably, conventional approaches to sharing XWF case evidence are subjective in nature and invite data to be simply copied out of XWF (‘as is’) onto a local disk and then arranged in any variety of customized manners. This might involve creating ad-hoc folders and sub-folders, as well as compressing the results into varyous compressed archives, with or without encryption. Therefore, the results from this usual practice can often be inconsistent, time consuming and perhaps structurally inadequate for effective ingestion by an E-discovery platform.

With Exponent LoadReady, examiners can now create properly formatted and industry compatible ‘load-ready’ production sets (aka: disclosure packages) that can be reliably imported into E-discovery platform workspaces. While the concept is relatively straight forward, the typical E-discovery intake process is purposefully restrictive. This is why E-discovery platforms require a strict formatting approach respecting the delivery and ingestion of external data.

Having a properly and efficiently formatted load-ready production set to provide legal stakeholders for further E-discovery work saves everyone a huge amount of time! Moreover, it sets a standard for forensic labs in the way they disclose information and provides confidence in the quality of their deliverables to external parties.


– John Bradley
Founder & CEO



E-discovery Platforms Supported

  • Relativity
  • * Other platforms that may be supported include Summation and Eclipse

Production Load File Details

  • Load File (‘loadfile.dat’) contents are formatted according to Relativity import specifications
  • Load file’s Identifier field is matched against XWF’s ‘Unique ID as GUID’ column
  • Bates numbering is adopted for sequencing (*also used in production ‘Files’ output folder)
  • User can create a custom Bates Number prefix (e.g., ‘RCMP-O-DIV_2024-0004567’) which is prepended to output files

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