About Our Software


ExponentTM is the #1 Choice of DFIR
Add-Ons for X-Ways Forensics


ExponentTM is an exclusive library of powerful 64-bit X-Tensions that extend your forensic data analysis, visualization and reporting capabilities, for everyday digital forensic and cyber security investigations.


Exponent Cloud Mail

Exponent Mobile Messaging

Exponent Mobile Media

Product Description
Exponent Mobile Media can import pictures and video files into X-Ways Forensics from iOS and Android devices that have been acquired by select 3rd party mobile forensic tools. Standalone iTunes backups for iOS devices also supported.


We can help your organization realize the full potential of mobile forensics and solve more cases. Discover how you can develop your strategy and capabilities.

Why ExponentTM?


  • #1 Choice DFIR Add-On for X-Ways Forensics
  • Compiled + Fast 64-bit X-Tensions
  • Built by a Team with Law Enforcement & Private Industry Experience
  • Built Exclusively for X-Ways Forensics


Extend Your Forensic Discovery, Visualization & Reporting Capabilities