External Lithium - Polymer Battery Option for 7" Mini Units

External Lithium Polymer battery to be used with 7″ Mini units.


With the use of this battery option, Forensic investigator can power up and operates the SuperImager Forensic 7″ Mini unit in critical remote operation and perform a full forensic imaging of 1TB Suspect hard drive into 2 1TB Evidence hard disk drives for almost 2 hours.


(The battery will be able to power up the SuperImnager unit and the 3 hard disk drives). For use with USB devices that has low power consumptions, the unit can operated on battrey up to 5 hours. Perfoms cellphone data extraction and analysis can last up to 5 hours.


The Battery is a lightweight, with flat discharge curved and zero self-discharge, easy grips, that can protect against overcharge, over current, over temperature and short circuit. The Battery pack option comes with a wall charger and with the DC cable to connect to the 7″ Mini units. The Battery pack can be use also with SuperWiper 7″ Mini amd SuperCopier 7″ Min.


Supplied with a wall charger and with the DC cable to connect to the 7″ Mini units.


Technical Specs

Battery Specifications:
Rugged with soft grip texture
12V 10AH
Dimensions: 3.1″ x 6″ x 1.9”
Weight: 25.9 oz
Max Pick Current: 30A (10ms)
Max Discharge Current: 10A


Connectors and Indicators:
Fuel gauge and fuel gauge button
12v output connector
12V charger connector


Extended Information
* The 7″ Mini unit consume around 2A in idle
* WD 1TB hard disk drive consume on average 1A