About FEX CLI™


The Forensic Explorer Command Line (FEX CLI) is a forensic data processing engine used for computer forensics and electronic discovery. The FEX CLI can be run on a single workstation to an enterprise level virtual environment spawning multiple simultaneous processing instances. FEX CLI offers:


  • Speed
  • Flex-ability
  • Repeat-ability
  • Expand-ability


FEX CLI can automate all standard forensic processing tasks, including: signature analysis, hash verification, hash match, file carve, registry triage, metadata extraction etc.


It utilizes XML task files to customize processing. It interfaces directly with a programming language for ultimate flexibility. Data can be exported from all common forensic file formats directly to disk or to be ingested by third party e-discovery platforms. It can also export data directly into a L01 image file.


The FEX CLI can be launched from a stand-alone folder and from portable storage devices. It can be used for such purposes as forensic triage.


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Key Features


Fast: CLI processing speed if significantly faster that processing in GUI applications.
Multiple Concurrent Instances: Initiate multiple simultaneous processing instances (requires multiple licenses).
Case File Output: Creates a Forensic Explorer case file that can be opened directly with the Forensic Explorer GUI.
Portable: The FEX CLI can be launched from a stand-alone folder and from portable storage devices.
Batch Process: Batch sequence processing jobs. Compatible with both CMD and PowerShell.
Front End Independent: Front end applications (Python, HTML5, etc.) can interface directly with CLI commands.
Inbuilt Forensic Processing Tasks: Inbuilt functions include:

  • Verification
  • Signature Analysis
  • File Carve
  • Hash
  • Hash Match;
  • Keyword Search
  • Filter
  • Create a .L01
  • Export files to disk
  • Report to PDF, RTF, HTML
Remote: Can be configured to process remote devices running the FEX servlet.