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Foclar Impress

“Foclar Impress image and video processing software rounds out a comprehensive set of tools in use at AVFL”.

Foclar provides innovative, highly effective solutions to difficult video analysis problems. Our clients benefit from Foclar’s continuous development process in response to the evolving demands of the job.’

Rob Sanderson, President, Audio Video Forensic Lab


Turning low quality footage into actionable information

Supporting a broad range of input formats, Impress enables you to get valuable information from images and video using the extensive filter collection. Specifically aimed at forensic applications, the software provides the necessary tools to fit law enforcement requirements. By optimizing the workflow within the software, we support the more efficient achievement of results, thus reducing the workload.

Foclar Impress


Foclar Impress

Product highlights

  • Modern and intuitive to use interface to get started right away.
  • Supporting a wide range of input formats for both images and videos.
  • Responsive and dynamic filters for fast tuning of results.
  • Acceleration of processing when using a graphics processing unit (GPU).
  • Smooth navigation and playback, even for heavily compressed files.
  • Automatic report generation ensuring reproducibility.


Product background

The first version of Impress was developed in the headquarters of the Dutch police in the early nineties. After getting international recognition, an extensive validation process was performed by the British Home Office. Since then the software has been used by police forces, forensic institutes, security services and companies all over the world.

Foclar Impress