Product Type

Foclar Mandet

We can no longer trust what we see

The increasing availability of image and video manipulation tools has led to a rise in false imagery and information. Mandet provides an easy to use platform on which images and video files can be investigated. Traces of manipulation can be found by applying filters and analysers, extracting metadata or by reviewing the file in a hexadecimal viewer. The software enables you to easily collect these traces into one single report to build a case.


Product highlights

  • Easily apply multiple filters and quickly detect deviations in the result overview.
  • Side-by-side views for easy comparison of images and videos.
  • Modern and intuitive to use interface to get started right away.
  • Supporting a wide range of input formats for both images and videos.
  • Dynamic report building and export to multiple formats.


Deepfake detection

One of the more famous methods of manipulating imagery is called deepfake. This is a collective name for several techniques that manipulate images and video based on artificial intelligence. To detect these manipulations, Foclar works together with DuckDuckGoose. They specialize in detecting the latest deepfake manipulations by utilizing neural networks. Their Deepdetector is integrated in the Mandet software.


Product background

While the number of image and video manipulation tools available is increasing, they are also becoming easier to use and making it nearly impossible to see manipulations by eye. With this growing supply of tools, the use of these techniques for unlawful acts is also increasing. As a result, there is a growing demand for solutions which can help to distinct real from fake. While the current range of solutions is primarily focused on single images, Mandet has been developed to support both images and video. Since analyzing images and videos can be a time consuming job, the idea behind the software is to be as effective and straightforward as possible.