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Forensic Imagers

Purpose Built Forensic Imaging


Data storage devices have been trending towards larger capacities and faster I/O rates for years. This means one thing. It takes more time to complete a forensic acquisition than ever before.


Enter the forensic imager. This purpose-built forensic tool images storage devices quickly and efficiently – without tying up a separate computer system. Forensic imagers provide standalone, portable solutions for imaging in the lab or in the field.



Find the Imager That Fits the Need


No two forensic imagers are exactly alike. Matching imaging needs with product capabilities is critical when selecting a forensic imager that delivers day in and day out.


Imager data transfer speed is an important consideration. More Gigabytes per minute is never a bad thing. But it’s not the only thing. Built-in write-blocked I/O connections, native drive support, simplicity in design and use, touchscreen capabilities, full or logical disk collections, ethernet connectivity and performance, single or multiple drive imaging, build quality, and reliability are also important considerations.


Choosing a forensic imager that fits a broad set of requirements doesn’t have to be difficult. In a universe of growing product choices, Digital Intelligence has chosen to sell and support only the best.



At Home in the Field or Lab


Forensic examiners and eDsicovery practitioners can’t always choose where data acquisitions are performed. Mobility is important. Forensic imagers travel easily and support data collection wherever the job requires.


Versatile, compact and feature rich, forensic imagers deliver no matter the location.



Standalone or Comprehensively Kitted


Looking for a comprehensive forensic imaging kit without the hassle of selecting individual kit components? Digital Intelligence packages complete kits that include everything you need for field or lab imaging work. Forensic Imager UltraKits offer the value of industry leading imaging tools packaged in a travel ready hard case. Configured with products built by Digital Intelligence and leading forensic imager partners, these kits are ready when you need them, where you need them.


Don’t need a comprehensive imager kit? Digital Intelligence offers standalone Forensic Imagers, cables, and power supplies. Packaged with or without protective travel cases, Digital Intelligence has what you need when you need it.



Drive Adapters


Storage devices present the examiner with many variations of physical and electrical interfaces, and you will often need adapters specific to the device you are trying to image. Digital Intelligence is here to help you select the correct adapters for your needs. Learn more


Technical Support You Can Count On


When you purchase from Digital Intelligence, you’re getting the best forensic products money can buy. But the value doesn’t stop there. You get lifetime technical support and access to a professional, dedicated support team. We measure our success not just by the number of systems we sell but also by the level of support we provide. Whether it’s a question about your FRED, UltraBlock, Imager or software – or a question about a forensic problem you face – we have your back. Call, email, or text. We are here for you.