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FREDC Workgroup Server

FREDC Workgroup Server

Forensic organizations considering implementing a new data and file server should take a look at the FREDC™ Workgroup Server (FREDC WS™). Digital Intelligence built this solution to be a very high-performance, fully integrated alternative to traditional white-box enterprise servers. Based upon the technology used in our larger FREDC Data Center™, the Workgroup Server is a great solution for moderately sized forensic teams.


Departmental File & Data Server with the FREDC Pedigree

The FREDC Workgroup Server is built upon the proven technology of the FREDC Data Center. At the heart of each system is a FREDC Server-RM™ module. An Intel® Xeon® W5-3435X 16 core (4.7GHz boost) CPUs power an OpenSuse LEAP operating system. Tuned for superb performance, the FREDC Workgroup Server provides the file and data sharing that forensic departments need – without the hassles of managing a traditional server environment.

The FREDC Workgroup Server may be ordered with a Quantum LTO-8 tape library for user and case data archival. Netvault backup software is included for regular system backups and long-term archival of forensic data to tape.


Connect Up To 24 Forensic Workstations & Other Devices

The FREDC Workgroup Server includes a 10GbE 24-port network switch with 24-port patch panel providing ample physical connections for a moderately sized forensic department. Whether it’s forensic workstations, network printers, or other network enabled forensic devices (such as forensic imagers) our proven network infrastructure will provide the performance and stability you need. FREDC Workgroup Server includes the Digital Intelligence software utilities built to make it easy to manage a high-performance forensic network and data/file server.



High Capacity Fault-Tolerant, Local Storage


The base FREDC WS ships standard with ten (10) internal 18 TB hard-drives providing a maximum raw data storage capacity of 180 TBs. Accounting for network backup space and RAID6 striping, a total of 139 TB of fault-tolerant data storage is available. Need more storage? The FREDC WS has capacity to add one (1) FREDC RAID-RM™ module. With the optional RAID-RM, the total FREDC WS data capacity is 612TB raw, 486 TB RAID6 striped.



FREDC Family


  • FREDC Workgroup Server
    Tailored for smaller departments
  • FREDC Data Center
    Full-scale FRED C solution




  • Security of evidence and case data. Ability to store and manage very large amounts of forensic data in a fault-tolerant, centralized data management infrastructure.
  • Accessibility of evidence and case data. Case data is accessible by any examiner working at any forensic workstation that is connected through the FREDC forensic network.
  • Speed and convenience. The 10 Gb network supports extremely fast file transfers and direct-to-network forensic imaging (at drive speed).
  • A true turn-key, complete solution. FREDCs include all hardware and software components required to install a fully functioning, high-performance forensic network and being investigative work within 48 hours (from start of installation).
  • Ease of system management and administration. FREDC Data Centers include a management console with utilities built to enable efficient system administration by forensic examiners or IT professionals alike.
  • Secure Evidence Chain of Custody. Access to digital forensic evidence is logged and reported accordingly.
  • Agnostic Infrastructure. The FREDC is built to operate with all modern, forensic tools and software.
  • Scalable. Easily add RAID data storage modules and other processing appliances as needs grow and evolve.
  • Highly responsive, low latency network. Round-trip data transfers between networked workstations and the central server are minimized for efficient user operation.
  • Easy archival and retrieval of evidence and case data. Moving case data and evidence from on-line to archive (and back) is easily accomplished with automated tape backup tools.

Central Dongle Sharing Helps to Manage Software License Costs


More and more forensic teams are choosing to manage their license dongles centrally in an effort to gain efficiency and lower costs. The FREDC Workgroup Server supports this through a 10-port USB hub with dongle sharing software.


Easier to Manage. Lower Cost to Own


To further reduce the cost of FREDC ownership, we’ve included a proprietary set of system and network administration utilities. Built by Digital Intelligence, these utilities reduce or eliminate the time and effort required to maintain a properly running high-performance forensic network. Network workstation installation, system backup, system restoration, drive mapping, single user sign-on, and even bare metal disaster recovery is made almost trivial.


Install Today. Run Cases Tomorrow.


FREDC’s are integrated and tested prior to shipment. The modular FREDC design and extensive pre-ship testing ensures minimal field issues during site installation. As with the larger FREDC Data Center™, you have the option to have DI System Engineers install, test, and train at your site typically in three days or less. However, the streamlined design of the FREDC Workgroup Server gives you the option of handling on-site installation using your own personnel. Either way, a FREDC Data Center investment pays casework dividends within days of its arrival.