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Exterro FTK Central

Fresh, Intuitive UI Built For Non-Technical Reviewer

Fresh, intuitive UI modeled after Google material design, resulting in familiarity for all skill levels and minimal training required.


Limitless Scalability & Forensic Processing Power

Limitless scalability and forensic processing power combined with simplified forensic review on a single, single platform. Configure multiple DPEs to scale up and reduce processing time from days to hours.


Near-Instant Rapid Review

Near-instant rapid review where documents load in small batches on the back end for ‘near-instant’ rendering as reviewers move from file to file.


Collaborate With Other Reviewers in Real Time

Collaborate with other reviewers and team members seamlessly for absolute transparency on progress throughout the forensic review process. FTK® Central administrators can configure each case file so reviewers only see data that is relevant for the case(s) they’re assigned to.


Unrivaled Near-Native Review of Chat Data

Unrivaled near-native review of chat data and all document types, including Excel spreadsheets. No need to switch viewers when navigating from a document to a video to a chat log. FTK® Central automatically renders the viewer according to the type of file.


Collect Live Endpoint & Cloud Data

Collect live endpoint data: perform remote collection, off-network collection, and cloud data source collection from popular tools like the G Suite and Microsoft Teams.


Automate Tasks to Reduce Investigation Time

Automate tasks from evidence acquisition to evidence review and export. Use hot keys and AI image labeling to eliminate time spent on repetitive tasks. FTK® Central can even send you a text message when your processing job is finished and ready for review, via the optional API.

Connect To Third Party Apps

Connect To Third Party Apps