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Gain deep visibility into endpoint data to investigate a breach or employee wrongdoing

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FTK® Enterprise

Deep Visibility Into Live Data, Directly At The Endpoint

Quickly identify and understand the activity putting your organization at risk and develop a plan for eliminating it before it becomes an issue. From multiple office locations, to massive employee pools and remote workers, FTK® Enterprise provides deep visibility into live data directly at the endpoint, helping you conduct faster, more targeted enterprise-wide post-breach, HR and compliance investigations in a single, robust solution.


Discrete Data Culling

Expose and investigate a variety of criminal and malicious activities, including data breaches, database tampering, inappropriate sharing of confidential company information, deletion of files, wiping of hard drives, or viewing of inappropriate content. Discretion can be critical when conducting investigations, and FTK® Enterprise ensures that employees and teams aren’t tipped off as you cull through data.


Agent-Based Collection to a Secure, Encrypted Container

Agent-based collection to a secure, encrypted forensic container, which ensures data integrity during the transfer from the endpoint to the server where it is collected. Even preview live data at the endpoint, then filter on any attributes and choose to collect only the data that matters to your investigation, saving time and cost.


Mass Deploy a Remote Agent to MacOS

Only FTK® Enterprise allows you to mass deploy a remote agent to MacOS endpoints without any manual user intervention. Integration with Jamf® deployment provides greater visibility into activity on all endpoints, network shares and peripheral devices, even those running on macOS® Catalina, Mojave, or Big Sur.


Cloud Collection

Collect data from cloud data sources and easily review them in FTK® Enterprise. FTK® Enterprise is the first forensic collection tool in the industry to offer a suite of data connectors, including Network Shares, Microsoft Exchange®, Gmail™, One Drive™, Google Drive™, SharePoint®, and Microsoft Teams.


Remote Workplace Compatibility

Employees are increasingly working from home, and are often not connected to the company VPN network. FTK® Enterprise solves this problem by allowing you to collect and analyze data from remote Windows endpoints that are outside the corporate network with no VPN connectivity by using our Site Server Integration.