Exterro - FTK® Forensic Toolkit

FTK® Forensic Toolkit

Full-Disk Forensic Images

Create full-disk forensic images and process a wide range of data types from many sources, from hard drive data to mobile devices, network data and Internet storage, all in a centralized, secure database. FTK® processes and indexes data upfront, eliminating wasted time waiting for searches to execute. Cut down on OCR time by up to 30% with our efficient OCR engine.


Decrypt Files & Crack Passwords

Decrypt files, crack passwords, and build reports with a single solution. Recover passwords from over 100+ applications. Decrypt a computer drive encrypted by the latest version of McAfee Drive Encryption and features L01 export support, which eases the workflow of users when data must be used within multiple tools.


Parse Registry Files

Parse registry files and Windows system information files in an easy to read, interactive and reportable tab. Label, bookmark and export individual objects per category, allowing for easy searching, filtering and reporting.


Locate, Manage and Filter Mobile Data

Locate, manage and filter mobile data more easily with a dedicated mobile tab. Use the message application filter to quickly isolate data from message applications like WhatsApp or Facebook.


Collect, Process and Analyze Datasets Containing Apple File Systems

Collect, process and analyze datasets containing Apple file systems that are encrypted, compressed or deleted. FTK® Supports decryption of File Vault 2 from the APFS file system, as well as importing and parsing of AFF4 images created from Mac® computers (generated by third-party solutions like MacQuisition by BlackBag).


Visualization Technology

Visualization technology that helps you get a clearer picture of events by displaying your data in timelines, cluster graphs, pie charts, geolocations, and more. Dig deeper and view all EXIF data, including location, make and model of the device used to capture images or video.