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Exterro - FTK® Lab

Divide and Conquer Massive Data Sets with FTK Lab


Combine powerful, lightning-fast distributed DPE processing with multi-user review functionality in a centralized investigative platform to get evidence into the hands of forensic investigators and resolve investigations faster.


Scale up to a centralized investigative platform for large data sets, heavy case loads, or distributed case teams.


With FTK Lab you can unleash the power of distributed processing and multi-user collaborative review to get through more digital evidence in less time, allowing agencies to clear out case backlogs, indict sooner, and close cases faster.


More Processing Power


With virtually limitless scalability, an FTK Lab centralized processing farm with up to 16x distributed processing engine (DPE) capabilities can cut through large data sets in hours instead of days.


Be More Productive


FTK Lab’s intuitive interface design makes it easier for both experienced investigators and non-technical users to navigate within the software, allowing them to work together in the same centrally located case files with defined reviewer roles.


Find More Evidence


Eliminate hours spent manually digging for the data types you’re interested in. FTK Lab intelligently categorizes and displays the most data artifacts to help you pinpoint key evidence faster.


Become a processing powerhouse with scalable processing.


Produce astounding processing and indexing results with the distributed setup of FTK Lab. Process 7 TB of data with 11 DPEs in less than two hours, and process AFF4 Mac images 8x faster than the competition.


Empower distributed teams with centralized collaboration.


Perfect for computer forensics labs, FTK Lab’s centralized architecture and shared case database keep all parties on the same page, while fully securing electronic evidence at the case or file level. Non-technical users, such as attorneys and outside experts, can participate in the review process, regardless of their location.


Investigate mobile device evidence and review chat app data with Mobile Data Parsing.


Leverage FTK Lab’s powerful processing engine to parse computer and mobile data in a single database to find connections across data sources. FTK Lab supports native unprocessed UFD extractions from mobile devices provided by tools like Cellebrite, Oxygen, XRY or GrayKey. Review chat messages from apps like Twitter and WhatsApp, reconstructed in their near-native view to quickly interpret the conversation.


Additional Capabilities

  • Optional Workflow Automation

    Automate case creation and evidence processing, as well as next steps such as searching and labeling results, exporting data, and more, with FTK Connect for Law Enforcement – all without any user interaction or complicated scripting.

  • Multimedia Thumbnail Review

    Hover over and click on thumbnails to easily inspect pictures of interest. FTK Lab provides context for every image by reconstructing the device user’s activity leading up to and following the creation of the image via built-in mini timelines.

  • Role Assignment

    Permissions allow each user to access only the data relevant to their part of the investigation. Dividing the evidence creates more efficient and secure workflows, so you can bring in non-technical users without worrying about compromising data.

  • Image Identification and Categorization

    Use facial and object recognition to automatically locate images containing that same content. Help identify victims faster in CSAM investigations by analyzing and grading images and videos, then comparing them with collaborative hash databases like Project Vic and CAID UK.