Helix3 Pro

Meeting your computer forensics needs!

Helix3 Pro is a unique tool necessary for every computer forensic tool kit!  Get the only tool with a Live and Bootable side for your investigation needs.

  • A multi-platform LIVE side for three environments; Mac OS X, Windows and Linux with one simple to use interface
    • Make forensic images of all internal devices
    • Make a forensic image of physical memory (32 and 64 bit)
    • Determine if disk level encryption is turned on
  • A bootable forensically sound environment to boot any x86 system
    • Make forensic images of all devices
    • Search filesystems for specific file types (i.e. Graphic files, Document files, etc)
  • Several open source forensic applications to assist with data analysis including cell phone analysis
  • Sleuthkit
  • LinEn
  • Libewf + mount_ewf
  • Carvfs
  • cryptsetup
  • Truecrypt
  • lvm2
  • Scalpel
  • Foremost
  • LibPff
  • Volatility plus many plugins
  • moto4lin
  • gmobilemedia
  • gammu
  • gnokii
  • frag_find
  • pythonraw
  • ptfinder

Helix3 Pro is only available through the e-fense forum.  Become a member of the e-fense Forum to get support and learn from e-fense experts and other users of the number one computer forensic tool used by law enforcement, government agencies and computer forensic experts around the world.
For only $239* a year the Forum membership includes:

  • Helix3 Pro download
  • Helix3 Live CD download
  • The complete Helix3 Manual available to download at any time
  • Telephone Support and Special Access to our Members Only Forum. e-fense experts will be online during business hours to answer your questions.

You can become a member of the Forum and pay for a Helix Pro Subscription by clicking “Become a Member”. If you are already a member, click “Membership Login”

* One year commitment REQUIRED

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