Advanced Web Browser Forensics


HstEx® is included with NetAnalysis®; it is an advanced, Windows-based, multi-threaded, forensic data recovery solution which has been designed to recover deleted browser history and cache data from a variety of source forensic evidence files as well as physical and logical devices.


Specifically designed to work in conjunction with NetAnalysis® (and is provided as part of the suite), this powerful software can recover deleted data from a variety of Internet browsers, whether they have been installed on Windows, Linux macOS, Android or iOS systems.


What’s New in HstEx®


The latest version of HstEx® is a completely new product which has been engineered from scratch. Utilising powerful parallel processing and Intelli-Carve® technology, HstEx® offers a considerable speed increase over our previous version, allowing the user to select multiple recovery types in a single session. Another important new feature for HstEx® v4 is the ability to create and queue recovery jobs for later processing.


Session File / Recovery Job Queue




HstEx® v4 allows the user to create a session and then add multiple recovery jobs as required. Each recovery job has a single data source and allows the user to select as many recovery types as required.


Each job can then be prioritised by moving them up or down the queue. The job at the top of the queue is processed first.


The session in the window above shows three active jobs, with job number one running. The user interface has been enhanced to show the estimated time to completion for the current processing job.


Data Recovery Job Configuration




A recovery job contains all the parameters for recovering data against a single source. A powerful new feature for HstEx® is the ability to select multiple recovery modules to run against a source.


This window shows a recovery job. The user can click to enable recovery of data for a specific browser, or select the individual data types if required. Case information can also be saved for each recovery job.