Product Type

In-Place Preservation

Protect ESI from Loss or Spoliation


Exterro’s In-Place Preservation tool makes it easy to protect and secure electronically stored information from accidental deletion prior to collection, defensibly reducing risk within your organization.


Exterro In-Place Preservation


Exterro In-Place Preservation suspends deletion policies and prevents manual deletion of data stored on native data sources, limiting the risk of spoliation of ESI with legal hold obligations.


Leverage Advanced Integrations


Integrated with over 50 commonly used applications like Microsoft365, Google Workspace, Slack, Box, and Dropbox, Exterro In-Place Preservation makes it easy to identify and preserve most types of potentially relevant custodial and non-custodial data.


Improved Defensibility


All actions taken with In-Place Preservation are automatically logged and easily reported on. Rest easy knowing you can see the status of preserved data for any matter or custodian at any time.


Reduce Reliance on IT Teams


With In-Place Preservation, legal teams are in control of data preservation. Choose to preserve or release data when it makes sense for your matter. There’s no need to rely on internal IT resources or timelines.


Exterro In-Place Preservation and Legal Hold deliver a powerful solution for data preservation obligations.


Exterro In-Place Preservation is seamlessly integrated with Exterro Legal Hold and the Exterro data source catalog, so specific custodian data sources can easily be identified and selected for in-place preservation. Legal teams can precisely specify preservation requirements, minimize disruption to custodians, and ensure compliance with internal processes.


Powerful preservation filters ensure you quickly locate the data you care about, saving time and reducing headaches.


Say goodbye to over-preserving data and its associated consequences like increased document review and storage costs! Easily create detailed ESI filters using date ranges, senders, recipients, and key words to precisely specify which ESI to preserve.


Know what’s happening with your data all the time with Exterro’s comprehensive audit trail.


Exterro In-Place Preservation documents every activity with every preservation request and makes it easy to view and report across preservation efforts by matter, legal hold, or custodian, ensuring you can demonstrate defensibility at every step of the legal hold process.