Product Type

Incident and Breach Management

How will you respond to a data breach?


The time to prepare for a security incident or breach is before it ever happens. Exterro Incident and Breach Management enables corporate legal departments to respond confidently with a documented, defensible cybersecurity incident and breach response process.


Orchestrate a defensible, organization-wide response to data breaches.


When a breach occurs, you have limited time to determine the scope of compromised data, identify if personally sensitive data was involved, and what, if any, reporting or notification laws are triggered. You need a defensible, consistent process. Exterro delivers.


Slash Response Time


Meet regulatory reporting requirements quickly using optimized, automated workflows. View current applicable regulations by jurisdiction and validate your actions with the relevant laws.


Build a Defensible Plan


Exterro’s up to date regulatory database ensures you can document the logic behind your response actions in terms of applicable legal requirements.



Informed by AI-powered Data Discovery.


Significantly reduce investigation time and associated costs with insight into the potential severity of an incident by understanding if personally identifiable information (PII) or other sensitive information was compromised, which data subjects were affected, and other critical information.



Optimize your process with configurable, orchestrated workflows.


Highly configurable workflow templates manage the entire breach response process, from initial risk assessment to automated notification delivery and remediation activities.



Understand your obligations with comprehensive data breach and privacy regulation libraries.

Easily understand your regulatory obligations across jurisdictions to ensure your response process complies with all applicable requirements.