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Intella Connect and Connect Plus

Intella Connect is a web-enabled browser based review platform that allows multiple reviewers to simultaneously work on a matter. It has an intuitive workflow that helps reviewers of all levels get the job done.


Intella Connect and Connect Plus

Key features of Intella Connect


Connect is a web-based processing and review platform developed for Collaborative Review. It is designed to give the user all of the functionality required to complete their discovery matters from start to finish. Connect can ingest and export several different load file formats. It has all of the search and filtering capability that our desktop product Intella has. The main features, such as Batching and coding, Predictive coding and Customised reporting make it feature completive with other leading platforms.


  • Various Load File Formats
  • Predictive Coding
  • Batching & Coding
  • Collaborative Review
  • Redaction Features
  • Customised Reporting

Intella Connect Versions


Intella Connect Plus


Intella Connect Plus provides an enterprise-level, browser-based solution for collaborative review. It delivers processing power equivalent to industry giants – at a fraction of the cost.


With little to no impact to an organization’s IT infrastructure, set up of Intella Connect Plus remains at or under 30 minutes with no installation or download required by reviewers.


Intella Connect


Intella Connect provides all the power of Connect Plus scaled down to fit the needs of smaller teams. It allows multiple reviewers to simultaneously work on a matter and has an intuitive workflow that helps reviewers of all levels get the job done.


Using Intella Connect and Connect Plus


Predictive Coding

Given the continual increase in eDiscovery data volume, legal teams are faced with the constant challenge of accurately identifying relevant documents in order to meet discovery obligations, and doing so in an efficient, cost-effective manner. To confront this challenge, Intella Connect now includes the powerful AI technology called Predictive Coding, with the objective of helping legal users reduce the time and expense associated with the most expensive phase of discovery – document review.


As litigation teams are distinctly aware, only small percentages of documents within much larger datasets meet the legal criteria of relevance, and require production to opposing parties. Intella’s Predictive Coding functionality, seamlessly integrated within Connect’s dedicated review interface, provides reviewers with the ability to both identify relevant documents quickly, and prioritize their presentation to human reviewers via an intelligently-updating review queue. As a result, reviewers can quickly train Connect’s Predictive Coding model to identify relevant documents based on human input, and then apply rigorous statistical criteria in order to measure the model’s accuracy and performance. Ultimately, the model can be applied to the remaining, unreviewed documents, thus “predicting” their relevance coding based on the now-validated model.


Intella’s Predictive Coding functionality can also assist in identifying and resolving inconsistencies in human coding decisions. For example, if a document’s predicted relevance is ranked very high by the algorithm, but was coded by a human as not relevant, it could indicate a simple input error on the part of the reviewer. In this way, Intella’s Predictive Coding engine provides a significant contribution to document coding accuracy and consistency vs. linear review, in addition to its other enhancements to the document review process.

Intella Connect and Connect Plus


Intella Connect and Connect Plus

Remote Access

Connect or Connect Plus can be installed either on a server in your environment, or in the cloud. You control whether access is from only your local network, or if cases are hosted on the cloud for remote users.

Setup is straight forward and only takes approximately 30 minutes to be up and running. Reviewers do not need a license, dongle or any other software installed on their systems to access and work on cases.


Early Case Assessment

Accelerate your understanding of case data quickly, leveraging Intella Connect’s multi-dimensional approach to data analysis during ECA. During the often underutilized EDRM stage known as ECA, the intelligent application of Intella Connect, in conjunction with legal and factual subject matter expertise, can be combined to produce results that are often dismissed as impossible due to the limitations of other tools. In contrast to the linear approach favored in document group, consider taking advantage of the unparalleled precision possible with Intella Connect in order to identify high-value evidence from the outset of a matter, while developing strategic knowledge that can contribute to settlement opportunities, discovery strategy, witness identification, etc. With the power of Intella Connect for ECA, it’s no longer necessary to wait for high-value evidence to be stumbled upon in the latter stages of review.

Intella Connect and Connect Plus


Intella Connect and Connect Plus

Batching & Coding

Connect’s batching features allows the case manager to effortlessly batch large numbers of responsive items from filtering activities. The batching feature shows an overview of the progress of all batches in the case. In addition, Connect has a flexible coding wizard to allow the case manager to create custom coding layouts specific for each case.


Load File Support

Seamlessly import and export load files into and out of your Intella cases. Intella and Intella Connect’s intuitive, visual tools help your team create load file templates to streamline your workflows over time.

Intella Connect and Connect Plus


Intella Connect and Connect Plus

Email Threading

Intella’s email threading capabilities make it easier for reviewers to review the entire conversation thread. Email threading categorizes inclusive and exclusive emails within each thread, which allows the user to focus only on the inclusive emails and not the redundant emails. The technology can also identify missing emails within threads, which may indicate that not all sources were obtained during the collection phase.

Intella Connect and Connect Plus are ideal for


Intella Connect or Connect Plus are software applications that allow reviewers to collectively search ESI processed with Intella utilizing most commonly available web browsers.


  • Consultants who allow clients remote access to review a case
  • Organizations with multiple or remote locations who investigate and review the same case
  • Multiple departments and review teams that need to jointly review the same case