Investigating the Dark Web

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    The emergence of a complex and multi-layered cybercrime economy has also begun to suggest a fundamental shift in the very nature of crime itself. In this context, overt acts of crime become less central features of the criminal ecosystem when compared to the services and platforms that feed off and support crime – which become increasingly low-investment, high-yield and low-risk operations.

    With cybercrime profits estimated at approximately $1.5 trillion annually and illicit online marketplaces generating $860 billion of that amount each year, understanding the Dark Web is now essential for law-enforcement, crime prevention, and intelligence professionals.

    Given the anarchic structure of the Dark Web, following money trails and untangling criminal networks can be extremely challenging. The use of high level anonymity tools and cryptocurrency within the internet’s underbelly can render criminals almost invisible or undetectable to police and security organizations.

    A good understanding of Dark Web technologies and methodologies can provide investigators and intelligence professionals with unique opportunities to leverage complex criminal investigations, and harvest significant amounts of threat intelligence to their agency’s advantage.

    This one-day, fully interactive webinar will provide a solid overview of the Dark Web and will introduce attendees to the tools and techniques that are required to conduct effective investigations around the internet’s ‘hidden services.’

    • How anonymity tools such as proxy servers, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), and Tor can be used to provide anonymity, anti-censorship, and anti-surveillance capability
    • The structure of the Dark Web and how it differs significantly from the ‘Clearnet’
    • The basics of cryptocurrency
    • Search techniques and tools for finding content on the Dark Web
    • Legal considerations for Dark Web investigators
    • Investigators & Analysts
    • Researchers & Journalists
    • Law Enforcement & Government Officers
    • Public Safety & Security Professionals
    • Information Specialists
    • Petrochemical & Pharmaceutical Reps
    • Regulators & Compliance Professionals
    • Finance Professionals & Insurance Providers
    • Fraud & AML Examiners
    • Non-Profit Organizations

    With a background as a senior manager in the IT industry and experience in police and military operations, David and his team have been developing and delivering a wide range of advanced proactive and reactive Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and investigative solutions to both the private and public sectors for the past two decades.

    A passionate educator and speaker, David has also developed a number of highly acclaimed training, simulation, and e-learning programs that enable frontline investigative and research professionals to produce superior intelligence products in less time, at less cost, with less risk.

    In working with the private sector, David maintains a position as Special Advisor to the International Chamber of Commerce Commercial Crime Section in London. He also sits as Chair of the Open Source Intelligence and Research Association (OSIRA) and is a member of the International Association of Financial Crime Investigators (IAFCI).

    Since 1989, David has held numerous police appointments including Royal Canadian Mounted Police Supernumerary Constable, Designated Law Enforcement Officer (DLEO) with the Organized Crime Agency of British Columbia, RCMP Auxiliary Constable within the Province of British Columbia, and Technical Reserve with the City of Moscow Police in Idaho State. David has also served in Primary Reserve elements of the Royal Canadian Navy and Canada’s Army, in addition to serving as an officer in the Canadian Forces Cadet Instructor Cadre (Air).

    Among other awards, David has been the recipient of a Royal Canadian Mounted Police Commanding Officer’s Commendation for his work in the development and implementation of new police Open Source Intelligence systems.

    Cast in the Grierson Award winning and BAFTA nominated hit television series Hunted on Channel 4 in the UK, David featured predominantly in “Hunter Headquarters” as an OSINT expert, utilizing his skills as an online OSINT specialist, analyst, digital surveillance expert, and social media specialist to digitally pursue fugitives and their associates. In addition to his work in the HQ, David was also involved in the physical surveillance and capture of four fugitives in each of the first three seasons of the program; he also served behind the scenes as an Intelligence Consultant on the US version of the program which debuted on CBS in January of 2017.