Laptop Remote Access & Data Capture Kit for SuperImager units

This option is designed to help a Forensic investigator to preform a Forensic remote data capture from a “Suspect” laptop or from “Suspect” computer.
The Forensic investigator will need to use the “Suspect” laptop’s USB or the Network port, connect it via a CAT5e/CAT6 cross network cable to the 1 Gigabit Ethernet port on the SuperImager unit. (if the laptop does not have a a network port, but does have a USB port, then the user will need to used the supplied USB to Ethernet adapter)
Boot the laptop with a supplied CD and run from the SuperImager application the remote capture operation.
This Remote data capture kit, consists of the remote access CD, boot USB stick(in case laptop does not have CD reader), USB to 1Gigabit adapter, and a cross network cross cable.
The speed of the capture is depend on the laptop’s CPU and also the limitation of the laptop ports that was used (USB port speed, or Network port). It is also limited to the 1Gigabit/s which is the SuperImager Ethernet port speed limit.


Technical Specs
Supplied with:

Remote Capture Access boot CD.
USB memory stick.
RJ45 Cross over cable.
USB 3.0 to Ethernet adapter.