The worlds most advanced categorisation and victim identification solution.


✓ Categorisation ✓ Victim Identification ✓ Investigator wellbeing support


Your dedicated CSAM triage tool.


You can be their hero by deploying the most powerful categorisation, victim identification, and wellbeing platform.


More than just a categoriser.


  • Automatically identify and categorise CSAM
  • Identify victims quickly, assisted by advanced AI
  • Remove junk and irrelevant files instantly
  • Support and track your own, or your team’s, mental wellbeing


Unrivalled functionality


  • Extensive image and video codec support
  • Unmatched import and processing speeds
  • Corrupt image and video recovery
  • Instant video sliding, without requiring pre-processing
  • Easy and reliable multi-database support (inc. Project VIC, CAID, S21 Alliance Database).
  • Customisable reporting, from SFR to fully audited report including timeline analysis
  • Built-in offline virtual assistant, providing text and video training
  • Work on large cases in real time with colleagues, using Pool Mode


Rescue victims and categorise your evidence, with unrivalled speeds and S21 Auto-Categoriser, before other tools even finish importing



Underpinned by novel, state-of-the-art AI


  • Facial search and analysis (age, ID, gender and emotion)
  • Nudity and Hentai analysis
  • Object recognition (weapons, drugs, extremist imagery, etc)
  • Document, cartoon, and skin analysis
  • Motion and audio analysis
  • 1st-generation vs. distributed CSAM analysis
  • Visual searching & enhancement
  • Instantly find visually similar files on the internet


Evolving the biggest CSAM intelligence database in the world.


S21 Global Alliance Database

Driving collaboration, to support third parties


S21 LASERi-X + X-Ways Forensics. Quite the pair.


When you use the most advanced software solutions together, you can create the fastest and most comprehensive automated CSAM solution in the world. Welcome S21 Streamline!


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Deployment options


  • Standalone, offline workstation
  • Lab connected network or server
  • National central server solution


Successfully deployed across a range of investigation types

  • Border Force
  • Enterprise
  • Online Platforms