Product Type

Law Enforcement Forensics Suite

Get Evidence Into the Hands of Examiners Faster


Slash evidence processing delays and case backlogs using the power of the FTK Suite to cut through your data faster and bring criminals to justice sooner. The speed of the Exterro FTK processing engine combined with its intuitive interface allows investigators to review every type of artifact in a single solution quickly, helping them uncover key evidence and find the truth.


Digital Forensics Workflow Solutions


Leverage the FTK Suite for any type of digital investigation including CSAM, narcotics, and fraud cases.


FTK Forensic Toolkit


The gold standard in digital forensics for processing, parsing, reviewing, and reporting computer and mobile evidence.




For large-scale investigations, divide and conquer massive data sets in a collaborative, scalable environment.


FTK Central


Ramp up investigation speed with centralized evidence and simplified forensic review on an accessible web-based platform for cost-effective collaboration.


FTK Connect


Automate key workflows like evidence processing, case creation, searches, labels and exports – without any user interaction or complicated scripting.


FTK Imager


Exterro’s free data preview and imaging tool lets you quickly assess electronic evidence, generate hash reports, and mount images.


Why Exterro?


Artifact Analysis


Quickly locate and analyze key artifacts like images, videos, messages, timelines, web activity, passwords, and geolocations to surface insights and build a story from the evidence.


Collaborative Review


Centralize evidence on a web-based platform where frontline investigators can collaborate within agencies and across jurisdictions.


Scalable Processing


Distributed processing engines cut through large data sets in hours vs. days to deliver the fastest processing on the market for computer and mobile device data.


Workflow Automation


Get cases to expert examiners in half the time by automating key workflows like evidence processing, case creation, searches & labels – all without complex API scripting.