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Legal Hold

Take control of your legal hold process


Exterro Legal Hold saves time and increases defensibility by allowing you to easily create, manage, and track legal holds and custodian questionnaires.


Orchestrate the legal hold process, from scoping and management to release.


Exterro Legal Hold seamlessly integrates into your organizations’ existing data ecosystem, so you can accurately scope and effectively execute your legal holds and custodian interviews. With Exterro In-Place Preservation, you can easily preserve custodial and non-custodial data before or after issuing a hold.


Boost defensibility


Ensure maximum hold compliance with one-click acceptances, electronic interviews, and automated reminders and escalations. Powerful reporting capabilities and robust audit trails mean you know exactly what’s happening at all times.


Save time


Scope, draft, approve, and send legal holds in minutes. Automate time consuming tasks using templates, pre-set workflows, and proactive reporting.


Increase internal transparency


The Legal Hold dashboard shows important information about holds, responses, and compliance by matter, department, manager, and custodian. Exterro’s responsible AI makes recommendations to improve compliance.


Uncover the true scope of your legal hold with built-in comprehensive interviews.


Create highly-configurable interview templates and questionnaires to send to your custodians immediately upon issuing a hold. The electronic interview format makes it easy for custodians to respond, while Exterro logs all interview activity and responses for increased defensibility and fast and painless reporting.


Reduce the risk of data spoliation caused by employee status changes with Employee Change Monitor.


Employee Change Monitor detects changes in employee status, such as termination, name or title change, and more, and then automatically takes corrective action by assigning and executing tasks, minimizing human error and saving time.


Instantly improve custodian compliance with automated legal hold reminders and escalation notices.


With Exterro’s Legal Hold, you can customize automatic hold reminders to be sent to custodians, allowing them to accept their legal holds in one click. Still struggling to get custodians to respond? Send automatic escalation emails to their manager to encourage compliance.