Magnet Automate

Accelerate your workflows


Harness the power of automation to unlock lab capacity, empower your experts, and finish digital investigations faster.


Automate product features


Automate the processes and tools that already work in your lab to reduce manual tasks, focus your team’s efforts, and reduce time to evidence.


Automated workflows


Automate’s drag-and-drop workflow builder makes it easy to develop efficient, automated workflows across your entire forensic toolkit, customized for each case type.


Key takeaways


  1. Build end-to-end evidence processing workflows.
  2. Ensure the right processes are followed every time.
  3. Reduce manual tasks and focus your experts on high-value analysis.

Unlimited integrations


Seamlessly integrate any tool from your forensic toolkit, including mobile acquisition tools. For increased flexibility, you can also integrate your own custom scripts.


Key takeaways


  1.  Multiple integration methods.
  2. Leverage your existing custom scripts.
  3. Use Workflow Plugins for frequently used integrations.

Parallel processing


Automate keeps your lab running 24/7/365, even when you aren’t there. Automatically image, process, and create exports for multiple items of evidence in parallel, scaling up your existing resources to complete your investigations even faster.


Key takeaways


  1. Scale up existing resources to increase case throughput.
  2. Process multiple cases simultaneously.
  3. Keep investigations running 24/7.

Lab insights


Clear, visual dashboards help you to quickly assess lab infrastructure health and provide you with key insights for smarter resourcing decisions. Easily report to management on the value of your lab investments by tracking overall throughput and efficiency metrics.


Key takeaways


  1. Measure success and efficiency.
  2. Easily monitor case progress and throughput.
  3. Identify where improvements can be made.