Magnet Axiom Cyber

Simplify your investigations


Axiom Cyber is a robust digital forensics and incident response solution for organizations that need to remotely acquire & analyze evidence from computers, alongside cloud, IoT, and mobile devices.


Axiom Cyber features


Axiom Cyber simplifies complex investigations across a range of scenarios, including internal investigations, eDiscovery, and incident response.


Advanced remote collections


Conduct thorough and reliable investigations with targeted remote and off-network collections from Mac, Windows, and Linux endpoints. Acquire and analyze artifacts from single physical drives and volatile memory to see the full picture.


Key takeaways


  1. Use targeted locations to acquire only the data that is relevant.
  2. Collections resume automatically if a target goes offline and reconnects.
  3. Collected data is written to an AFF4-L forensically sound container.

Actionable case intelligence


Axiom Cyber’s artifacts-first approach immediately presents the data needed to work through your case efficiently. Powerful analytics features like Timeline, Connections, YARA rules, MFT parsing, Magnet Copilot, and Magnet.AI create actionable intelligence.


Data visualizations help you to quickly connect the dots between all the artifacts in your case.


Key takeaways

  1. Multiple views for data, like Email Explorer, provide the needed context to build a complete picture of an incident.
  2. Establish connections and relationships between evidence from different sources.
  3. Data visualizations help you to quickly connect the dots between all the artifacts in your case.

Deploy in the cloud


Get the flexibility your team needs by hosting Axiom Cyber on AWS or Azure. Hosting Axiom Cyber in the cloud reduces the cost and maintenance of your lab and provides the ability to perform collections from off-network endpoints.


Key takeaways


  1. Any workstation can access and connect to available cloud license.
  2. Minimize reliance on lab hardware and maintenance.
  3. Increased speed and availability for critical DFIR tools.


Time saving features and workflows


Speed up investigations with features, like queued collection and targeted location profiles, that minimize manual and repetitive tasks, allowing examiners to focus on data analysis, not configuring the tool.


Key takeaways


  1. Get results faster for more effective incident response, increased productivity, and happier stakeholders and clients.
  2. Designed to balance robust functionality with ease of use.
  3. Frequent functionality enhancements further refine and streamline workflows and processes.