Magnet Axiom

Recover & analyze your evidence in one case


Examine digital evidence from mobile, cloud, computer, and vehicle sources, alongside third-party extractions all in one case file. Use powerful and intuitive analytical tools to automatically surface case-relevant evidence quickly.


Axiom features


Recover, analyze, and report on data from mobile, computer, cloud, and vehicle sources in one case file with Magnet Axiom.


Powerful artifact recovery


Easily recover deleted data and analyze digital evidence from mobile, computer, cloud, and vehicle sources in one case file, with an artifact-first approach. Discover the full history of a file or artifact to build your case and prove intent. Magnet Axiom provides the most up-to-date artifact support for the most recent devices and sources.


Key takeaways


  1. Acquire and analyze mobile, cloud, and computer evidence together in one case.
  2. Process warrant returns from providers such as Google, Facebook, and Instagram.
  3. Examine open-source and user account data from cloud sources like Google, WhatsApp, and more.
  4. Process images – from extraction, to data recovery, to case file building – all in one step.

Advanced analytic tools


Automatically surface more evidence with Magnet Axiom’s analytics tools, so you can focus on what’s relevant to your case. Take advantage of Magnet Copilot, Media Explorer, Cloud Insights Dashboard, Magnet.AI, Connections, Timeline, Email Explorer and more, to find the evidence you need quickly.


Key takeaways


  1. Automatically detect potential pictures of illicit content like child abuse, drugs, and weapons with machine-learning tools like Magnet.AI and Thorn.
  2. Use Connections to quickly piece together how artifacts, people, or even devices relate to each other.
  3. Quickly surface up intelligent insights from the images and videos with Media Explorer.
  4. Visualize events across all evidentiary sources with Timelines.
  5. Filter data by date and time ranges, specific artifacts or items of interest, and keywords, to find relevant evidence fast.
  6. Leverage new AI tools with early access to Magnet Copilot to quickly identify deepfake media and surface relevant evidence.

Mobile workflows


Magnet Axiom gets the most data and provides the best analysis for iOS and Android devices, regardless of your acquisition tool of choice. And with Magnet Graykey integrated directly into Axiom, loading mobile evidence for deep analysis is easy.


Key takeaways


  1. Ingest and process mobile device extractions, with direct Magnet Graykey integration and support for third-party tools from Cellebrite, Oxygen, Berla, and more.
  2. Axiom’s intuitive Mobile View helps you, and your stakeholders, easily navigate and interact with mobile evidence.
  3. Use powerful carving within Axiom to uncover pictures, chat, and browser history.
  4. Uncover detailed subject information with artifacts like KnowledgeC, Android Motion Photos, iOS Wallet, Samsung myFiles, geolocation data, and more.
  5. Perform automated decryption by leveraging and ingesting tokens and keychains from mobile devices.

Enhance your evidence workflow


Magnet Axiom is designed to integrate with the other Magnet Forensics tools, to help you transform your digital investigations to enable you, your lab, and your agency to meet increasing capacity demands and collaborate agency-wide, while operating securely & transparently to reduce risk.


Key takeaways


  1. Create standardized workflows to image and process data with limited examiner intervention with Magnet Automate.
  2. Securely share digital evidence with non-technical stakeholders, who can review evidence from anywhere, with Magnet Review.
  3. Ingest and automatically surface artifacts from files that were saved by Magnet Outrider.
  4. Generate real-time reports and track digital evidence, ensuring chain-of-custody is maintained, with Magnet Atlas.