Magnet Graykey


Accelerate your mobile investigations


Magnet Graykey can provide same-day access to the latest iOS and Android devices – often in under one hour.


Graykey product features


Graykey unlocks actionable intelligence so you can solve cases faster, reduce crime within your community, and maximize your mobile forensics investment.




Access is the cornerstone of digital forensics. Use Graykey to consistently unlock leading iOS and Android devices to help you get the evidence you need.




  1. Most comprehensive iOS and modern Android device access support, with regular updates to the latest versions
  2. Ability to access and extract evidence from mobile devices irrespective of device state
  3. Access credentials stores like Keychain and Keystore to decrypt content



Save time and kick-start your investigations faster by accessing mobile data in record time. Graykey can provide same-day access for both iOS and leading Android devices – often in less than one hour.




  1. Same day extractions from locked iOS and modern Android devices
  2. When time is critical or access is restricted, selectively extract specific data you need to kick-start your investigation



Obtaining a more comprehensive and detailed data extraction gives you access to the critical evidence you need.​ Graykey accesses more data, including deleted data, than other mobile forensics tool to help you solve more cases.




  1. Extract the full contents from iOS and modern Android devices
  2. Ensure compliance with search warrant specifications or time restraints with category-based extractions
  3. Uncover more pictures, videos, chat histories, location data, and Internet evidence



Establishing and maintaining device chain of custody is critical in limiting any potential risks associated with your investigation. With Graykey you can maintain complete control of the evidence throughout the entire data extraction process.




  1. Perform extractions in house to simplify chain of custody
  2. Easy-to-use web interface that requires no special training
  3. Best-in-class team of experts to help you support high-quality mobile forensic practices