Magnet Griffeye

Transform digital media overload into investigative insight


Swiftly process and analyze vast amounts of images and videos. Stay ahead in investigations with powerful analytics and collaborative capabilities, gaining a crucial edge in digital media analysis.


Griffeye features


Elevate your digital media investigations with advanced image and video processing and analysis, collaborative case handling, and shared workload capabilities.


Automate, detect, prioritize


Magnet Griffeye handles the heavy data lifting, freeing investigators to focus on the human-centric tasks that demand their attention.


Key takeaways


  1. Gain a clear indication of where to begin your investigation and identify the most relevant data for the case.
  2. Utilize AI technologies like Brain and Thorn.AI to automatically detect and classify various objects in large image sets, as well as identify and flag previously unseen images and videos depicting child sexual abuse.
  3. Save valuable time and energy through the pre-categorization of known data, stacking duplicates, and correlating metadata and visual attributes in your media files.


Advanced media analysis


Access a powerful set of analytical features, capabilities, and flexible workflows for a seamless and efficient experience.


Key takeaways


  1. Quickly find and match all images and videos featuring different individuals, and search between the data to identify matching faces of suspects or victims.
  2. Rapidly and accurately review hours of video footage in a fraction of the time using advanced filtering capabilities such as motion, facial, and object-based searches.
  3. Enhance investigator well-being with multiple features designed to minimize exposure to harmful material.


Large-scale collaboration


Magnet Griffeye incorporates cutting-edge technology designed to interconnect investigators and make information sharing a seamless process.


Key takeaways


  1. Establish connections to multiple GID databases, including external sources such as NCMEC, to seamlessly collaborate with investigators on a national or international scale.
  2. Hashes and added intelligence are easily uploaded to any shared GID for direct accessibility by other investigators on both ongoing and previous cases.
  3. Effortlessly identify previously viewed media and reduce the number of case files that need to be reviewed.


Open and modular


Unlock the potential of an open and modular platform designed for flexibility. Customize Magnet Griffeye to fit your needs—effortlessly integrate external sources and tools, allowing you to add new functionality as your needs change.


Key takeaways


  1. Explore a dynamic marketplace for apps and add-ons, including third-party options.
  2. Effortlessly customize and enhance functionality to always have the best tools for the job.
  3. New innovative tools are continuously added and updated.