Magnet Nexus

Large-scale investigations, made easy


Magnet Nexus is a remote endpoint collection and analysis solution built to save you time and to get you forensic insights faster.


Nexus benefits & key features


Nexus is your link to all your organization’s remote endpoints. And the center point for your forensic investigation workflow—from acquisition to processing and analysis.


Investigate multiple remote endpoints


Efficiently acquire and analyze one or multiple remote endpoints to gain broader insights into threats and malicious activities.


Key takeaways


  1. Perform sweeps of remote Windows & Linux* endpoints to detect IOCs, data exfiltration, or find sensitive documents and communications. (*MacOS support coming soon.)
  2. Save time and protect employee privacy with targeted collections.
  3. Forensically acquire and analyze network activity, file logs, live system artifacts, and more.
  4. Advanced memory analysis capabilities collect RAM dumps, active connections and users, network shares, services, and more.
  5. Apply YARA rules, keyword searches, and time filters to zero in rapidly on relevant evidence.


Easy-to-use and manage


Nexus was designed with the analyst’s experience in mind. As a cloud-based solution, there’s no maintenance or updates required. Simply log in, create (and deploy) an agent, and begin an investigation in minutes instead of days or weeks. A clean UI with minimal setup creates a frustration-free workflow.


Key takeaways


  1. Easily monitor and manage all your endpoints with the new Endpoint Dashboard. View which ones are online, when they were last updated, search by name or IP, and more.
  2. Reduce investigation delays: agents can persist on every endpoint in your organization so it’s there when you need it. Create and deploy an agent on-demand— or use both methods to meet your organization’s requirements.
  3. Fast case setup and teardown: set agent expiration dates to automatically uninstall agents and reduce case clean-up tasks.
  4. Intuitive UI simplifies onboarding and eases adoption for all skill levels.


Dynamically scale with cloud-based processing


With cloud scalability, effortlessly manage increasing demands. Analyze larger datasets and tackle unexpected surges in endpoints requiring investigation, without additional investments in hardware.


Key takeaways


  1. Efficiently process larger data sets with scalable cloud computing resources for rapid results.
    Get optimized parallel processing of data for significant speed advantages (vs. sequential processing.)
  2. Access Nexus from anywhere, at any time.
  3. Eliminate costs associated with continually investing in and maintaining additional hardware.


Team collaboration maximizes resources


Easily share and collaborate on cases—from setup to analysis—to reduce the workload, maximize expertise, and reach a quick resolution together.


Key takeaways


  1. Any case collaborator can create an agent and deploy it on-demand to additional endpoints to expand the collection.
  2. Team members can review, filter, tag and download the case data.
  3. All data and tags are stored in one location, providing a centralized point for real-time collaboration.
  4. Roles can be assigned to users to control access and align capabilities to job responsibilities.