Whether you’re triaging computers and external hard drives in the field or working through a backlog of evidence back in the lab, examiners need to find the information that is key for their case work as quickly as possible.

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Rapid Triage, Ultra-Simple Approach


Triage devices for illicit content such as CSAM in the field or the lab with automated insights, enabling examiners and non-technical stakeholders to use Magnet OUTRIDER with confidence


When every minute counts, device triage can provide actionable evidence at the outset of an investigation. Quickly make informed decisions with confidence: determine whether a Windows or Mac computer contains illicit content such as CSAM within minutes and capture live system artifacts, such as recently accessed files, network connections, USB connection history.

Magnet OUTRIDER is designed to maximize the speed and simplicity of identifying actionable evidence


  • Quickly triage Mac and Windows computers and external drives 
  • Flag illicit content via image hash, keyword, or known apps
  • Collect live system artifacts, capture RAM, and more



Find Illicit Content Quickly

Dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to find illicit content, such as CSAM, cryptocurrency and dark web apps, anti-forensics software, and so much more, on Windows and Mac computers and external drives. 


Identify Actionable Evidence Fast

Quickly identify apps and other key insights on a device at the outset of an investigation, providing real-time intel for interviews, search warrants, and determining whether a device requires further analysis. Based on internal testing, over one million files were scanned in just 41 seconds.


Plug and Play Technology

A preprogrammed turnkey solution with unique technology, such as Neula, OUTRIDER enables even non-technical stakeholders to use it with confidence. The ultra-simple approach maximizes ease of use, enabling quick identification of devices containing illicit content, such as NCMEC reported images.


Capture Live System Artifacts and Memory

Quickly gather another layer of information by analyzing live system artifacts and processes actively running on the device: gather additional browsing history, access files that have been unencrypted, and encryption keys.