Magnet Witness

Streamline Your Video Acquisition and Analysis


Magnet Witness enables you to acquire, review, and analyze video evidence, all with one advanced product.


Magnet Witness features


Built on the foundation of Magnet DVR Examiner, Magnet Witness recovers more video evidence than ever, including native and proprietary video formats, video from dashcams and body cams, plus cloud sources like Ring or Arlo. Review, analysis, and output are easier with new capabilities like video analytics, synchronized review, sub-clipping, and concatenation.


Best in class video recovery and acquisition


Acquire the highest quality video, faster. Witness can recover and analyze almost any video file from a wide variety of recording devices, including DVR video in the most popular native or proprietary file formats, plus cloud sources like Ring, Arlo, and more. Witness brings all your video together into a single tool, allowing investigators to see the entire picture of their evidence.


Key takeaways


  1. Direct filesystem acquisition from surveillance/CCTV DVR hard drives, including deleted or partially overwritten video.
  2. Acquire high quality video from cloud platforms without time consuming manual downloads.
  3. Expanded evidence capabilities to include video from body cams, dash cams, drones, mobile phones, and more.

Simplified review


Witness is powerful yet user friendly so that advanced and beginner users alike can be proficient. Document important evidence items with notes, tags, and bookmarks for others to review and use them to easily generate reports.


Key takeaways


  1. One interface: no need to navigate foreign and unfamiliar third-party menus for every video source.
  2. See the complete picture with synchronized multi-video preview.
  3. Easily keep track of what has happened and where you still need to review.

Intelligent analytics


Witness has an advanced feature set for video evidence review and analysis, saving you valuable time and effort. Powerful analytics tools help you to quickly find the evidence that matters – not spend hours reviewing empty video.


Key takeaways


  1. Easily narrow down the amount of video requiring manual review by leveraging video analytics tagging.
  2. Synchronized matrix view of multiple videos makes it easy to pinpoint an event and follow the trail of evidence from one video source to the next.
  3. Automatically identify people or vehicles within your video clips [beta].

Streamlined processing


Simplified workflows allow you to create court-ready video and reports with a consistent, easy to use interface. The intuitive Case Wizard facilitates case creation and delivers a consistent, repeatable user experience so you can get started faster than ever. Easily generate demonstrative presentations by generating a single concatenated video of key clips or subclips telling the complete story.


Key takeaways


  1. Simplified outputs, playable on any computer (openly playable AVI, MOV, MP4).
  2. Leverage in-app automation to significantly reduce the amount of manual effort during acquisition and review.
  3. Automatic, complete reporting for every input and output, including a full audit log.