For Individual Digital Forensics Experts

Study Evidence, Analyze, Get Report Individually to Manage All at Once Without Any External Support.


  • Get Total Control
  • Works on Individual Machines
  • Data Integrity
  • No Support Required

Load Evidence from Multiple Platforms in Various File Formats


Conduct Email Investigation by Loading Preferred Data Types

  • Load from Multiple Platforms
    Load evidence from Cloud platforms, Offline mail clients, Disk Images, Messengers, etc.
  • Case Management
    Create cases & assign them to your team members for collaborative management of projects.
  • Scan & Add Data Files
    Scan your email evidences after adding them to software with advanced OCR capabilities.

Investigators Can Preview Evidences in Different Views without Hassles


Compliment your Data Integrity with Advanced Preview Options

  • Multiple Preview Options
    Preview emails in message view, properties view, header view, MIME, HTML, RTF & HEX view.
  • Covers Email Attachments
    Don’t miss out on the attachments by previewing them using the Attachments Preview option.
  • Custom Columns
    Parameters such subject, from, to, sent, received, size, MD5, etc helps to select & deselect columns efficiently.

Get Plenty of Search Options for Detailed Email Investigation


Search in Multiple Options, Types & Languages for Error Free Email Examination

  • Search Types Options
    General search, fuzzy search, proximity search, wildcard search, regualar expression, etc are present.
  • Search Filter Options
    Standard Filter, tags filter, custodian filter, keyword filter, etc. encourages searches selectively.
  • Multi Lingual Search Option
    Search evidence in multiple languages & create new cases for each language you need.

Analyze Emails in Detail with Advanced Analysis Features


Get Advanced Options for a Complete Email Analysis

  • Link Analysis
    Get a Link Map of all connected users & IPs through emails.
  • Word Cloud
    Explore the Word Cloud with the most discussed words in emails.
  • Timeline Analysis
    Analyze emails from a specific time period with Timeline Analysis.


Get State of the Art Evidence Extract/Export Options


Export Data Files in 20+ File Formats After Analysis

  • Export Files & Folders Selectively
    Extract multiple files & folders selectively using various advanced filters options.
  • Customized Evidence Extraction
    Execute your custom export process based on your requirements with utmost accuracy.
  • Multiple Extraction Formats
    Extract your email evidence in EML, MSG, TIFF, PDF, HTML, PST, CSV, DAT, etc file formats.

Get Multiple Dedicated Investigation Report Options Here


Prepare Perfect Email Examination Report for your Project

  • Multiple Joint Report Types
    Get rid of unwanted data by getting the multiple types of reports.
  • Customized Report Option
    Bookmarks, keywords, tags, subject, etc fields customize reports.
  • Dual File Formats
    Save evidence investigation report in PDF as well as CSV file format.

Specific Advanced Features of MailXaminer’s

MailXaminer email investigation software offers advanced features that helps in core investigation of email evidence based on the specific requirements of the digital forensic invetsigators.

  • Search Mechanism
    Renders Powerful Search Mechanism using various search options & logical operators. Read More ❯
  • Advanced Link Analysis
    Advanced Link Analysis to detect the relationship between multiple emails connected with each other. Read More ❯
  • Advanced OCR
    Advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to search image content or keywords from the attachment files. Read More ❯
  • Timeline Analysis
    Timeline Analysis displays frequency of emails by Year, Month & Day in a Graphical Structure. Read More ❯
  • Word Cloud Analysis
    Word Cloud Analysis provides a visual representation of the frequency of words used within the email message by variation in size. Read More ❯
  • Image Mapping
    Geolocation Image Mapping to track the image location and other information like Latitude, Longitude & Altitude. Read More ❯
  • Entity Analysis
    Entity Analysis helps to find the words in an email, specifically location oriented (Country, State, etc.) along with their usage frequency.
  • Database Analysis
    Supports Skype Database Analysis to find direct/indirect communication via calls, chats, etc. Read More ❯