USB Cable Set for Connecting to Various Mobile Devices



The Cable Set includes a variety of commonly used USB cables for connecting to handheld devices, like cell phones and tablets. The set includes a zipper pouch and the following high-quality shielded cables: universal angle USB A/M to A/M, lightning to USB, micro USB, USB-C, and USB extension. They are primarily used alongside other Mission Darkness products and accessories that require a USB connection, such as the Vigilant Volt Forensic Data Preserving Power Bank, BlockBox Lab XL, BlockBox Touch USB, Charge & Shield Faraday Bags, Battery Kit Faraday Bags, Blocker Locker, Forensic Crack Cabinet, etc. Some Mission Darkness products already include this cable set, although additional sets are often requested to account for missing or in-use cables. It’s important to have an assortment of popular device cable tips on hand to ensure that the field officer or forensic investigator can connect the device to the power source or extraction tool right away.


When purchased alongside faraday bags and analysis enclosures with a USB filter, a variety of devices will be able to connect to the internal side of the USB filter via USB extension and compatible cable tip. Although the USB extension is not necessary for a direct connection, it makes usage and cable tip connection easier. The USB A/M to A/M cable can be used on the extenal side of the filter to connect to an extraction tool or long-term shielded charging source.


When purchased alongside the Vigilant Volt Forensic Data Preserving Power Bank, a device can be powered during transport and for days after seizure, until the point that it can be inspected and analyzed in a lab. This particular power bank continuously charges the device once it reaches 100% power (an important feature for digital forensics use), ensuring that the device stays charged. This prevents lockout mode and reduces the amount of time needed to break a passcode, enabling the maximum amount of data extraction and unlocking capabilities with tools like GrayKey, Cellebrite, XRY, BlackBag, Oxygen, etc.