MISSION DARKNESS Shielded Honeycomb Air Vent

MISSION DARKNESS Shielded Honeycomb Air Vent



EMI Shielding Steel Honeycomb Air Ventilation Panel


The Mission Darkness™ Shielded Honeycomb Air Vent is primarily used to obtain effective electromagnetic shielding while allowing excellent airflow, for ventilation and heating in screened rooms, EMI/RF shielded rooms, electrical control panels, faraday cages, or any type of shielded enclosure. It’s fabricated from a high-performance and corrosion resistant steel material. It has been lab tested and certified to shielding effectiveness standards IEEE 299-2006 (see report below).


Easy Installation


The set includes all hardware components needed for installation, including an EMI/EMC shielding honeycomb air ventilation panel and frame with pre-drilled holes, screws, and wire mesh gaskets, enabling easy mounting.


Ensure that shielding is maintained by mounting the vent directly into a conductive material, such as TitanRF™ Faraday Fabric. Watch the demonstration video to see how easy it is to install.






  • RF/EMI shielding steel honeycomb air ventilation panel with pre-drilled holes in mounting frame
  • High shielding performance — honeycomb provides high levels of shielding and prevents electromagnetic interference from entering the room
  • Certified to shielding effectiveness standards IEEE 299-2006
  • Low air-flow resistance — allows the free-flow of air into a shielded room with a minimum resistance
  • Includes threaded insert and shielding wire mesh gasket for installation
  • Honeycomb core size: 4” x 10” – 1″ thickness (10.16cm x 25.4cm – 25mm thickness
  • Cell size: 1/6″ (4.2mm)
  • Rim fram exterior: 6″ x 12″ (15.24cm x 30.48cm)
  • Frame width: 1″ around (25mm)




  • Military enclosures
  • Digital forensics labs
  • Communications shelters
  • Shielded rooms
  • Secure facilities
  • IOT development
  • Signal isolation
  • EMP-hardened equipment
  • TEMPEST specified equipment

Components Included


  • EMI/EMC shielding honeycomb air ventilation panel and frame with pre-drilled holes
  • Threaded screws
  • Wire mesh gaskets


Scientifically Proven Performance, Lab Tested and Certified


Shielded Honeycomb Air Vent Laboratory Testing, to Confirm Shielding Effectiveness Standards IEEE 299-266


Testing Completed by Keystone Compliance Laboratory on October 7, 2020

The Shielded Honeycomb Air Vent has been tested and certified to meet shielding effectiveness standards IEEE 299-2006. The shielding effectiveness test was conducted by Keystone Compliance, a full-service regulatory compliance laboratory offering solutions for nearly all EMC/EMI, environmental, ISTA-certified package and ingress protection testing requirements. IEEE 299-2006 is the standard test method for measuring the effectiveness of electromagnetic shielding enclosures and materials. A properly-shielded device will effectively retain all RF energy in its faraday enclosure and keep all external RF isolated. The Shielded Honeycomb Air Vent is advertised as a product that can be used to maintain conductivity in isolated rooms/enclosures, by blocking the frequency range most mobile devices and electronics transmit/operate within. To provide validation for this claim, the shielding effectiveness test measured how well the air vent shields frequencies between 1.5GHz to 40GHz. The positive test results provides authentication of its shielding abilities.



The image above shows the shielding effectiveness graph of the Shielded Honeycomb Air Vent tested at a frequency range of 1.5GHz to 40GHz. The green line reflects the sample attenuation.