Detego® Mobile Forensics

Easily access, analyse and act on critical data from thousands of mobile devices (including burner phones, feature phones and smartphones), IoT devices, drones and over 2,000 apps with Detego MD.


Our exclusive global OEM partnership with GMDSOFT* (formerly Hancom) delivers best-in-class data extraction and decryption capabilities combined with Detego Analyse AI+’s robust analytics, automation and reporting for steadfast results.


*excludes China

Our mobile forensics tools Include


Detego MD


Forensically secure and analyse data from tens of thousands of phone models (including branded and non-brand mobiles, smartphones and feature phones), over 2,000 apps, JTAG boards, SIM cards, drones and smart, IoT enabled devices.




Gather information that’s critical to investigations on any smartphone and perform swift logical extractions, on-scene and in lab-based environments. Access recently deleted messages, gain control with smartphone screen mirroring and record and capture evidence directly from any mobile device.




Deploy cutting-edge analytical data mining, visualisation, recovery and decryption capabilities on extracted data. Decode locked screens and password information, analyse data from drones, IoT devices and more.




This tool enables investigators to leverage AI-powered link-building capabilities to uncover connections between people, places, devices and cases.


Analyse AI+


Detego Analyse AI+ integrates all forensic acquisitions and leverages powerful AI analytics and automation to provide in-depth analysis, intelligence and court-ready reports. This solution comes with fully automated analytical workflows, semantic search, AI-powered object detection, facial recognition, AI transcription and translation, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), photo DNA matching, password decryption (on more than 300 file types), MD5 and SHA1 hash matching and more.