Why You Want It

Comprehensively Test your Network Ports

For Raspberry Pi


  • Diagnose, troubleshoot and load test network ports of your PC
  • Validate that network ports are working correctly
  • Verify that network ports remain stable under long periods of load
  • Test your Ethernet, WIFI and Bluetooth


What is the Network Loopback Tester?


Passmark’s Network Loopback Tester is software that runs on Raspberry Pi hardware. It works with our BurnInTest software. The Network Loopback Tester software sets up an endpoint that allows network loopback testing across Ethernet, WiFi and Bluetooth networks. In conjunction with the BurnInTest software it allows end to end testing of the network link with bulk data over a extended period of time. It provides a much more effective network test that traditional methods, like Ping, or electrical conductivity test plugs.


Note: You need to supply your own Raspberry Pi hardware and have BurnInTest to make use of this product.


Compare the differences between the PassMark Network Loopback Tester, RJ45 Tester and Ping.


Why Test your Network Ports?


Network ports form an integral part of how we use our PC systems today, endlessly transmitting and receiving data. With the Network Loopback Tester, users can verify the network ports are functioning correctly and remain stable under long periods of load.


Perfect for manufacturers to test stability and performance, repair shops to verify network cards after repair and PC enthusiasts to ensure the stability and functionality of their network ports.


How does it work?


Testing Network Interfaces


The Network Loopback Tester allows stability and load testing of network interfaces such as Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth ports. The tester runs software that detects requests from BurnInTest to start network testing and to send, receive and verify data from BurnInTest.


This diagram shows how a PC with network interfaces can be tested via multiple network testers.

Ethernet / Wifi Testing


At the start of testing, BurnInTest broadcasts a request to the Network Testers on the local LAN segment. Each Network Tester will respond to this request. This provides BurnInTest with a list of all available Network Testers. A test will be started for the selected NIC and BurnInTest will send a control message to its designated Network Tester to request it to start testing, on receiving a ‘Ready to test’ response from the EP, BurnInTest will setup test TCP sockets (WinSock) on the user specified port (+ the test number) and start sending test data to the EP. If full duplex is configured for that NIC, then the EP will also send test data back to its allocated BurnInTest system NIC.


Bluetooth Testing


To perform network testing on Bluetooth adapters, you need to run Advanced Bluetooth Test using BurnInTest software. The Bluetooth test will connect to the Network Tester software and perform a half or full duplex data transmission test with option to verify the data sent from one computer is the same as the data received on the other computer. The Network Tester device must be paired an authenticated beforehand to be tested.