NIMBUS Forensics

Unlocking Truth

Empowering Forensics Professionals with Seamless Case Management Excellence


Streamline investigations with our comprehensive Forensic Case Management platform. Organise evidence, streamline workflows, and collaborate seamlessly to solve cases faster. Empower your team with powerful tools designed for efficiency and accuracy.


A Comprehensive Platform for Forensic Case Management


NIMBUS Forensics stands as a comprehensive Forensic Case Management platform, facilitating access to critical information across every facet of the Forensic Laboratory lifecycle. From Lab managers to submissions managers and Lab users, including Crime Scene Investigators and Digital and Traditional Forensics Investigators, it offers a rich array of features and functions tailored to meet diverse needs including remote submission portal capability.


  • Integrated QMS
    Accelerate accreditation to standards such as ISO 17025 with our seamless quality management.
  • Configurable Graphical user Dashboards
    Intuitive dashboards for visual data insights and user-friendly navigation.
  • Forensic Submission Portal
    Streamlined, secure portal for efficient forensic evidence submissions and tracking.
  • Exhibit & Asset Management
    Efficient, organised system for tracking and managing forensic exhibits securely.
  • Workflow Automation
    Visual Orchestration engine to automate, integrate and digitise operating procedures.
  • Crime Scene Investigations
    Streamline crime scene analysis and investigation process
  • Forensic Case Reporting
    Comprehensive, concise reports detailing forensic findings for informed decision-making.
  • Feature Rich & fully Integrated
    Comprehensive integration with advanced features for seamless forensic operations.


NIMBUS Forensics: Accelerating Justice, One Case at a Time


Forensic Quality throughout


The functionality within NIMBUS Forensics is supported by the underlying integrated structure of a Quality Management System (QMS) ensuring trained, competent, and authorised users employing approve methods supported by validated hardware and software are performing activities with tested workflows (digitised processes). As such, consistency is achieved along with the desired result of repeatable outcomes and full forensic and case reporting results.


Forensic Collaboration


NIMBUS Forensics streamlines the collection, analysis, sharing, and dissemination of Exhibits and forensic information to relevant stakeholders at all levels within the organisations. By mitigating the constraints of data silos and manual processes, NIMBUS Forensics optimises investigative workflows for law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and private corporations.


Forensic Interface


Distinguished by its exceptional user interaction, NIMBUS Forensics boasts an intuitively designed and user-friendly interface, ensuring a seamless and engaging platform experience. Whether navigating through the dynamic Forensic Submission Portal or actively participating in tasks within the Forensic Management Unit, such as workload assignment, examinations, and reporting, NIMBUS Forensics optimises workflow efficiency and user satisfaction with an experience that aligns with the diverse needs of forensic professionals.


Implementing NIMBUS Forensics offers numerous advantages, including increased efficiency, streamlined collaboration, and a more organised and systematic approach to handling cases, ultimately leading to enhanced investigative outcomes.