Nuix Adaptive Security

Nuix Adaptive Security


Proactively and automatically detect potential internal and external threats to data security in real-time, so you can quickly respond and contain threats.


Key Benefits


Give your organization the power to proactively hunt for potential threats so they can quickly repond and ensure you are not caught by surprise as threats evolve. Ultimately limiting the financial, legal, and reputational loss to your organization, as well as the potential disruption to business.


  1. Reduce the response time

    Shorten the feedback loop by answering root cause questions in seconds. Using a unified view of live and historical activities across the enterprise, you have the power to anticipate and respond quickly to threats.

  2. Quickly adapt to changes in the threat

    Develop your own detections and automated responses, based on threat behaviors, to ensure your organization isn’t caught by surprise as threats evolve.

  3. Contain threats fast

    Detect security incidents, isolate affected endpoints from the network and continuously record and monitor key digital behaviors to isolate compromised devices or harmful user activities.

  4. Collect data forensically

    Move immediately from threat detection to investigations using template-driven forensic data collections from within the alert triage workflow.


Safeguard critical data.

Identify and eliminate cyberthreats before they become damaging data breaches.