Nuix Discover

Nuix Discover


Uncover the facts faster so you can identify the risks and develop a winning case strategy sooner.


Key Benefits


The faster you can process large volumes of complex data, the quicker you can begin to understand what this data contains, and identify risks to develop winning case strategies.


  1. Rapidly review relevant documents

    Dramatically improve the efficiency and quality of your document review, boosting speed and relevance with machine learning technology, and delivering profound time and cost savings.

  2. Find facts and patterns, fast

    Let your whole legal team use advanced data visualizations and everyday analytics – all as part of the base Nuix Discover license – to quickly find key facts and patterns in your case data.

  3. Activate productive workflows

    Manage all your litigation projects using multi-tenancy reporting and tracking; rapid start-up, training, and support; and cross-functional eDiscovery workflows that make you more productive.

  4. On-premise or secure cloud deployment options

    The flexibility to decide how your technology is deployed is important in today’s fast-paced and rapidly changing business environment. Run Nuix Discover where and how you want. Whether that be in your data center or in the cloud, using on-premise or hosted options.


Rapidly review data

Quickly uncover facts.
Develop winning case strategies.