Nuix Enterprise Collection Center

Nuix Enterprise Collection Center


Streamline and automate the data collection process so you only collect what you need for relocation, analysis, processing, and production.


Key Benefits


Simplify and automate the way you collect data from multiple devices and storage platforms, so you’re only collecting the data you need for relocation, analysis, processing, and production, while limiting disruptions, reducing time, and saving costs.


  1. Collect what you need

    Manage data collections from any number of connected and remote devices, including laptops, desktops, enterprise file shares and Microsoft SharePoint sites.

  2. Exclude irrelevant data

    Preview the target file system remotely; pre-filter collections by document type, custodian and timeframe; and collect only what you need for processing, analysis and production.

  3. Automate workflows and repetitive tasks

    Automate repetitive tasks using email alerts, reports and logs about the state of collections. Plus, you can schedule recurring collections and multi-job sequences.

  4. Leverage the Nuix platform

    By leveraging the full power of the Nuix platform, you can complete investigation, eDiscovery and other information management tasks quickly while controlling costs.


Collect only what you need. Automate repetitive tasks. Minimize disruption, reduce time, save costs.