Why You Want It


One unified platform to get from Input to insight.


With the unrivaled ability and the powerful functionality of the patented Nuix Engine at its heart, the Nuix Neo platform is a solution-based offering that solves our customers’ most challenging data problems. The data intelligence platform delivers powerful functionality, and an integrated and automated user experience making data collection, analysis, review, and production faster, easier, and smarter.


It’s New. It’s Nuix. It’s Neo.


Based on over 2 decades of global leadership in data intelligence software, Nuix Neo offers a seamless and integrated platform for organizations looking to solve their most challenging data problems. Leveraging responsible AI, you can automatically identify, classify, and contextualize data, ultimately saving your organization’s time, money, and even reputation.


Intelligence and Unprecedented Focus at Your Finger Tips


Whether you require core data processing, data privacy solutions, legal eDiscovery, and early case assessment (ECA), or fraud and investigations capabilities, Nuix Neo is a highly customizable, solution-based platform designed to meet your unique data challenges – from collection, analysis, review, and production.


From chaos to clarity


Conquer more than 1000 different file types of messy unstructured data, processed by the functionality of the indomitable Nuix Engine to create searchable assets that can generate deep insights for your organization.


AI to empower you


The AI in Nuix Neo contextualizes the data, and language models that are specifically tuned to your use-case to help you isolate what you need, improving accuracy and reducing the amount of data and time you need to review and analyze.


Move up the value chain


With our automated workflow templates and advanced AI, you can reduce manual effort and accelerate your data analysis and review. Spend more time on critical tasks and less time on repetitive processes.


Who would benefit from the Nuix Neo platform


Powered by the patented Nuix engine, Nuix Neo has been designed to help organizations across industries, to enhance their data analysis, investigations, risk & compliance, and fraud prevention efforts. This includes teams who are responsible for:


  • Data Privacy – the platform’s AI capabilities gives you the forensic depth and defensibility to quickly identify the value and risk of your data. Giving you the intelligence required to monitor and protect your organization, your customers, and meet risk and compliance obligations.
  • Legal Data Processing – regardless of the size or complexity, the platform gives you the power to streamline processes to quickly uncover crucial information, spot notable case trends, speed up and enhance the legal decision-making process, and save legal costs.
  • Investigations – rapidly ingest data from all relevant data sources and apply an array of collaborative investigative techniques through single pane of glass – to help you connect the dots between digital evidence and human behaviors.


Whether you are from a large corporation, government agency, legal firm, or financial institution, the Nuix Neo platform empowers data analysts, investigators, legal and compliance teams, data privacy and data protection officers to leverage AI technology as a force for good.


What sets Nuix Neo apart?


For over 20 years, Nuix has been helping organizations make sense of their data. It is that experience that underpins our solution for managing complex data challenges and puts you in control of your data.


  • Get value sooner – Nuix Neo is designed for implementation with minimal configuration, enabling organizations to realize the true value of the solution sooner.
  • Streamlined user interface – Our modern and integrated interface, featuring single sign-on access, enhances productivity and ease of use.
  • Find answers faster – Nuix Neo’s AI powered pre-trained models enables you to uncover patterns and correlations beyond human capabilities. This enables users to locate crucial information, isolate valuable or risky data, and bypass irrelevant information swiftly and accurately.
  • Automate processes – Leverage the power of AI and automation to crunch through repetitive tasks, prioritize data risks, and reduce time spent filtering through vast data volumes. This empowers users to work faster, smarter, and focus on finding what they need.
  • Deploy it your way – Choose from hyperscale, private cloud, on-premises, or partner-supported deployment options, tailored to your business requirements. Enjoy flexibility and convenience.


By using Nuix, you are choosing to work with highly-trained professionals whose mission is to solve complex data problems faster, easier, and smarter through leveraging technology as a force for good.