Nuix Workstation

Nuix Workstation


Rapidly and accurately process over a thousand file formats and source types to search and analyze any data, and turn data into meaningful information.


Key Benefits


Extract intelligence from high volumes of unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data with Nuix Workstation.


  1. Process any volume of data and gain immediate insights

    Gain immediate insights into your data by indexing virtually any volume of data and searching even while the data is still processing.

  2. One window into the evidence

    Collect all available data into a single location and use advanced investigative techniques to understand their content and context.

  3. Mitigate risks

    Apply a consistent, repeatable and forensically defensible process across each item and data source.

  4. Support many use cases

    Nuix supports corporations, service providers, law firms, government agencies and law enforcement throughout their security, compliance, investigation and eDiscovery needs.


Quickly process any volume of data. Single view to gain rapid insights. Mitigate risks.