Open Source Intelligence BootCamp

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    Price per person: AUD $9,950 per person inc GST

    Groups of 3 or more: AUD $6,950 per person inc GST

    Course Summary

    TS OSINT Bootcamp is a five-day course on open-source intelligence (OSINT). While the course is an entry point for people wanting to learn about OSINT, the concepts and tools taught are quite advanced when used in combination.  Our goal is to provide participants with current and topical OSINT knowledge.

    Participants will learn real-world skills and techniques that law enforcement, intelligence analysts and cyber security professionals use to move through the ever growing pool of data that makes up the Internet today. You will learn to seek this information on the Open, Deep and Dark Webs, as well as understand those terms and their practical applications to daily operations.

    Once you have the data, we will show you how to collate and analyze what you’ve gathered, and how to turn data into intelligence that will be useful in your investigations.

    The course is centered on training each student to “live off the land”, providing them the skills to effectively employ open-source tools and some foundational cyber and digital forensics techniques which will enable them to exploit publicly accessible information repositories and achieve clear objectives legally. Each student will be provided a hands-on experience with content covered in both practical and theory lessons.


    What’s Included

    – Physical workbooks and digital standard operating procedures.
    – Useful links and resource materials.
    – A Virtual Machine tailored to the course materials.
    – A certificate of completion.


    This Course Will Prepare You To

    – Create OSINT standard operating procedures
    – Conduct OSINT investigations across various platforms and threat actors
    – Understand the data collection and dissemination life cycle
    – Create a secure platform for data collection and storage
    – Analyze customer collection requirements
    – Capture and record data
    – Learn about and develop “sock puppet” accounts
    – Create your own OSINT mehtodology
    – Scrape web data
    – Perform searches for people, businesses and groups
    – Access social media data
    – Assess a remote location using online cameras and geographical tools
    – Examine geolocated social media
    – Research businesses
    – Use government-provided data
    – Collect data from the dark web
    – Leverage international sites and tools
    – Work in a team of 3-4 to achieve goals.


    As we dive further into the course and its activities, participants will deepen their learning and understanding and be able to:

    – Identify, describe, and apply relevant privacy and security law and policies in the conduct of OSINT research.
    – Identify, describe and apply intelligence doctrine in the conduct of OSINT research.
    – Identify, describe and apply security tactics, techniques and procedures to reduce attribution and protect the user whilst operating on the internet and deep web.
    – Apply OSINT tools to actively collect information on the internet.
    – Apply OSINT tools to passively collect information on the internet.
    – Apply OSINT tools to actively collect information on the deep web.
    – Apply OSINT tools to passively collect information on the deep web.
    – Apply OSINT tools to actively collect information on the dark web
    – Apply intelligence techniques and OSINT tools to produce accurate and relevant assessments.
    – Synthesise policy, tools, techniques and procedures to answer or solve a problem.
    – Develop OSINT procedures for the conduct of OSINT collection within the workplace.


    Hands-On Activities and Lab work

    The hands-on lab and custom Capture the Flag activity will teach you how to become more adept at finding, collatin, and analyzing OSINT information. The labs draw on practical, real-world examples.

    Each lab has step-by-step instructions that enable you to learn new OSINT skills or become even more knowledgeable and skilled with the OSINT techniques and procedures you already know.



    During the five days of training, participants will learn and be familiar with:

    – OSINT – Pure Introduction
    – Managing a Secure Lab –
    – Set up the course virtual machine
    – Privacy, Notetaking and Reporting
    – The Global Information Environment
    – The OSINT lifecycle
    – User Protection and safeguarding on the internet
    – The Open, Deep and Dark Web
    – OSINT core tools –
    – Deepfakes, “Fake News” and Information Warfare
    – Digital Forensics
    – Cryptocurrency payments and hunting
    – Multiple Capture the Flag activities.


    Who should take this course?

    This course will teach you techniques to help your work whether you are trying to find suspects for a legal investigation, identify candidates to fill a job position, gather hosts for a penetration test, or search for honey tokens as a network defender.


    While this list is far from complete, the OSINT topics covered will be helpful to:

    – Cyber Incident Responders
    – Digital Forensics (DFIR) analysts
    – Penetration Testers
    – Social Engineers
    – Law Enforcement and Intelligence Analysts
    – Private and Fraud Investigators
    – Human Resources staff
    – Researchers