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OpenText Analytics Cloud

OpenText Analytics Cloud


Overcome data challenges and optimize decision-making using all business data



of data is unstructured or has no defined schema, making it difficult for organizations to analyze the ocean of data they collect



Data is an organization’s most strategic asset. OpenText™ Analytics Cloud solutions help organizations monetize that asset by delivering the strategic insights employees and customers need to make every decision data-driven and predict and act on business opportunities. Leverage AI to gain the full strategic value of data.


How OpenText Analytics Cloud can benefit business


Discover the advantages of Analytics Cloud.


  • Enhance applications
    Build high-performance applications at scale that leverage embedded analytics and can be deployed on or off the cloud, from the edge to the enterprise.
  • Improve visibility and decision-making
    Gain predictive insights with advanced AI analytics that delves deep into all data, including structured and unstructured data, wherever it is stored.
  • Reduce costs with a comprehensive analytics platform
    Eliminate the costs of disparate tools and excessive energy consumption by operationalizing AI with a greatly reduced number of servers.
  • Speed time to value with machine learning
    Deliver business value from machine learning faster and more easily by embedding analytics and AI into products with minimal development time.
  • Protect privacy
    Employ industry-leading security for data at rest and in motion to protect PII and stay compliant with regional and international mandates.

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Leverage modern analytics and artificial intelligence solutions to overcome data challenges, including the need for high-performance analytics, extreme scale, cost savings, and support for both structured and unstructured data.


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Gain strategic insights from any data, any scale, anywhere.


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AI-driven data analytics for your unstructured data.


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Enterprise Search


Easily search, find, and understand all data at any scale.


Why choose Analytics Cloud?


  • Complete end-to-end analytics
    Analyze all data in place and visualize it in a single pane of glass with a comprehensive AI portfolio that offers data management, privacy and governance capabilities.
  • Full data access
    Analyze data from any source and in any format, wherever it resides, without off-loading it to a central location.
  • Composable analytics
    Leverage cloud, off-cloud or hybrid deployment options to take advantage of unique organizational needs, such as edge computing or multi-cloud applications.
  • ESG support
    Lower energy consumption and minimize server usage with a cloud-based analytics and AI platform that can quickly scale to meet any business needs.