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OpenText Content Cloud

OpenText Content Cloud


Connect people to content, when and where they need it




OpenText™ Content Cloud™ offers a suite of end-to-end enterprise content management solutions, from capture to full lifecycle management to archiving. Content Cloud integrates with the systems that produce and consume information, extending enterprise-grade content management deeper into the organization and facilitating seamless access, distribution and use of both structured and unstructured data.


How OpenText Content Cloud can benefit business


Discover five best practices to prepare organizations for information-led transformation.


  • Seamlessly integrate content processes
    Help users work faster and smarter by seamlessly integrating relevant content into workflows.
  • Boost productivity
    Leverage enterprise content management solutions to automate tasks and processes, such as information capture, distribution and governance.
  • Speed time to value
    Address emerging needs and opportunities with easily customizable Line-of-Business and industry solutions.
  • Share and collaborate in realtime
    Connect remote teams and contractors to ensure everyone has the most up-to-date information, regardless of location or device.
  • Protect enterprise content
    Enable automated, defensible governance scaled for enterprise needs, from creation and capture to archiving and disposal.

Featured products


Power modern work with cloud-based content management that integrates with the enterprise applications that produce and consume information. Extend content management deeper into the organization to facilitate seamless information access, distribution and use.


Content Services Platforms


Enhance information access and value across the organization.


Enterprise Applications


Seamlessly connect content to enterprise applications.


Information Capture and Extraction


Optimize data quality, accuracy and insight for any organization.


eDiscovery and Investigations


Rapidly turn data into insights for faster, more cost-effective case strategy.


Legal Content and Knowledge Management


Quickly find and securely manage legal information.


Information Archiving


Simplify long-term data compliance and IT operations and accelerate migration to the cloud.


Viewing and Transformation


Robust, reliable, in-place document viewing, mark-up and transformation for any file-type.


Why choose Content Cloud?


  • Cloud CMS pioneer
    Trust an innovative technology leader in cloud-based content management systems for expert enterprise integrations and end-to-end management.
  • Content in context
    Present business content within the context of a business process to save users time and frustration.
  • Strategic alliances
    Seamlessly integrate with the largest enterprise software providers, including SAP®, Microsoft®, Oracle and Salesforce.