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OpenText DevOps Cloud

OpenText DevOps Cloud


Accelerate your application delivery with testing, quality, and AI-powered automation




Deliver more and better software, faster than your competition with OpenText™ application delivery management solutions. Automate DevOps, make the most of value stream management (VSM), and accelerate burdensome activities across your digital value stream—from planning, through development and testing, all the way to delivery.


How OpenText DevOps can benefit business


Discover the advantages of DevOps Cloud.


  • Deliver applications faster
    Maintain operational agility and align it with your business objectives to uncover value by optimizing the software delivery process
  • Prioritize quality
    Keep the focus on quality at every stage of software delivery, and achieve predictable delivery timelines
  • Optimize experience
    Use shift testing with AI-powered automation to reduce test creation time, boost coverage, increase resiliency of testing assets and cut down on maintenance efforts
  • Boost collaboration
    Improve asset and data sharing and increase visibility while gaining transparent results across all teams throughout the software delivery process

Featured products


Create application delivery that is uniquely comprehensive, functionally advanced, and composable based on your needs. OpenText DevOps Cloud enables you to create a vibrant global ecosystem.




Improve efficiency and quality by breaking down silos with DevOps.


Value Stream Management


Demolish silos and deliver value to your customers. Value stream management (VSM) is a proven approach to improve the value, flow, and quality of software from IT to a business through a multiphase workflow.


PPM and Strategic Portfolio Management


Define business objectives and key results.


Agile Development Management


Manage Agile and DevOps work.


Quality Management


Gain interactive quality management.


Functional Test Automation


Leverage AI powered functional testing.


Performance Engineering


Test application performance and load


Why choose DevOps Cloud?


  • Industry leader in quality and performance
    With industry-leading products for functional testing and performance engineering, OpenText DevOps solutions include unique capabilities for codeless quality and real-world performance engineering enablement.
  • Comprehensive portfolio of solutions
    OpenText DevOps solutions boost productivity, quality, insight, and value flow. These can be used singly or as part of an integrated system based on the ValueEdge platform.
  • Unified cloud digital value stream (DVS)
    The ValueEdge platform enables end-to-end VSM and DevOps across the DVS and is designed to work with existing toolchains.
  • Strong partner
    Selecting an OpenText DevOps solution is a smart partnering choice given our large R&D organization, strong and vibrant partner ecosystem, and dynamic global presence.