OpenText EnCase Forensic

OpenText EnCase Forensic


Close cases quickly with reliable digital forensic investigation results


OpenText™ EnCase™ Forensic finds digital evidence no matter where it hides to help law enforcement and government agencies reduce case backlogs, close cases faster and improve public safety. For more than 20 years, investigators, attorneys and judges around the world have depended on EnCase Forensic as the pioneer in digital forensic software to deliver reliable investigation results.


Why choose OpenText EnCase Forensic?


  • Unmatched performance

    Rely on the ability to process evidence up to 75 percent faster than competing products, demonstrated in investigator lab testing using real-world evidence files.

  • Court-accepted evidence format

    Trust the evidence file formats and digital forensic evidence integrity accepted as the proven standard by court systems around the world.

  • Superior efficiency

    Extend the power of EnCase with a complete API that enables the automation of common investigator tasks and improves analyst efficiency.

  • In-depth evidence investigation

    Have confidence in investigative results with a solution that conducts disk-level analysis and parses and reconstructs data to ensure its accuracy.

How EnCase Forensic can benefit business


Discover the advantages of using encase forensic


  • Boost productivity

    Preview results as data is acquired and search and analyze multiple drives or media simultaneously.

  • Improve public safety

    Leverage simplified evidence collection, analysis and reporting to close cases faster, improve public safety and enhance citizen trust.

  • Rapidly acquire data from many sources

    Find and capture evidence on a Windows, Mac or Linux device, on one of more than 35,000 supported mobile device profiles or in a cloud application.

  • Maximize valuable resources

    Quickly collect and process evidence, manage multiple evidence types within a single case and produce intuitive reports to reduce the strain on limited resources.

  • Get a clear picture of investigative findings

    Utilize pre-defined or easily customized report templates that deliver the appropriate detail for a comprehensive view of investigation findings.



  • Comprehensive artifact support

    Collects both local device and cloud-based activity from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, iCloud, WhatsApp and LinkedIn, as well as internet browser history, videos, documents and location data to ensure all relevant evidence is highlighted.

  • Extensive device support

    Provides comprehensive investigative capabilities for Mac devices, including APFS, HFS+ and FileVault 2 decryption support, as well as Windows and Linux-based devices.

  • AI and ML support

    Automatically identifies images of particular interest, including nudity, drugs, weapons and explicit sexual content using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

  • Optical character recognition

    Extracts text evidence buried in PDFs, images and scanned documents to include as critical evidence.

  • AFF4 evidence support

    Leverages an open standard evidence file format to ingest other evidence file formats to enable a more comprehensive conclusion.