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OpenText IT Operations Cloud

OpenText IT Operations Cloud


Create competitive advantage with smarter IT Operations




Today’s I&O leaders have a clear mandate—recalibrate IT Operations to become a value-sustaining organization. New business priorities require an expansion in focus from employees to customers, from stability to operational agility. But how can you make purposeful change when technical debt, inflationary costs, sustainability targets, and skilled staff shortage stand in your way? AI is the answer.


How IT Operations can sustain business value


Discover the advantages of IT Operations Cloud.


  • Elevate user experiences
    Empower users to self-resolve common issues with our private GenAI chatbot—IT Operations Aviator. It transforms Tier 1 support so you can focus on strategic ITSM projects.
  • Achieve consistent reliability
    Hit your service-level targets. Consolidate cloud information with rapid observability. Identify root cause with AIOps. And quickly restore services with automation.
  • Optimize costs and carbon
    Get more cloud for your money with personal spending views, rich insights, savings recommendations, self-service guardrails, and GreenOps reporting—all driven by FinOps.
  • Solve talent shortages
    Use low-code/no-code automation to orchestrate provisioning, configuration, patching, and compliance for cloud, network, and server management.


Featured products


Pivot to become a value-sustaining organization with integrated ITSM, Observability, AIOps, and FinOps solutions built on a powerful GenAI and automation platform. You’ll drive user satisfaction, reliability, sustainability, and cost control amid rising demands and tight budgets.

IT Service Management


Transform Tier 1 support.


FinOps and Cloud Management


Optimize cloud costs and carbon.


Observability and AIOps


Global observability. Smarter insights. Efficient resolutions.


Patch and Process Automation


Automate and orchestrate provisioning, configuration, patching, and compliance across your data center.


Network Management


Optimize your evolving network with tightly integrated discovery, configuration, health, and performance management.


Why choose IT Operations Cloud?


  • GenAI with the OpenText information advantage
    Resolve Tier 1 issues and cut Tier 1 costs with a private GenAI chatbot—IT Operations Aviator—that rapidly learns from your private enterprise content using our IDOL indexing solution.
  • Advanced ITSM at a lower TCO
    Deliver all the benefits of a private GenAI-powered service experience—happy users, efficient agents, and lower support costs.
  • Observability across apps, clouds, and networks
    Unify metrics, events, logs, and traces across domains—reducing troubleshooting time with AI-based problem isolation and resolving problems faster with automation.
  • Smarter cloud cost optimization
    Prevent surprise overages and cloud inefficiencies with smart what-if analyses for savings plan optimization and automated recommendations for waste cleanup.
  • Carbon footprint and sustainability reporting
    Easily measure, refine, and report on IT’s carbon footprint—on cloud and off—and get credit for your sustainability progress (comes with our FinOps, AIOps, and asset management products).
  • Discovery with service mapping
    Discover, map, and manage configuration items across cloud and on-prem environments to create a single source of trusted data and reduce change risks.