OpenText Tableau Forensic TD4 Duplicator

OpenText Tableau Forensic TD4 Duplicator


Leverage cost-effective forensic imaging of common physical media


OpenText™ Tableau Forensic TD4 Duplicator is the next generation in cost-effective, reliable standalone forensic imaging of physical media for smaller scale triage, acquisition and media management workloads.


Why choose the Tableau Forensic TD4 Duplicator?


  • Multiple destination drive imaging

    Increase digital evidence collection efficiency and security by simultaneously imaging up to five destination drives.

  • PCIe drive hot swap

    Reduce the downtime associated with changing drives by eliminating the need to power down when plugging and unplugging PCIe drives.

  • Partition/file-system awareness

    Optimize triage operations when facilitating logical imaging acquisitions by browsing partitions and files systems instead of conducting full disk acquisitions.

  • Native support for PCIe, SAS and USB-C connections

    Leverage “out-of-the-box” imaging capabilities to simplify ease of use, reduce the downtime associated with missing adapters and improve cost-effectiveness.



  • Color LCD touchscreen

    Delivers an easy-to-use, intuitive user interface and facilitates seamless workflows with real-time drive/job-status indicators, saving valuable investigative time.

  • Audible feedback

    Plays sound effects for various events, such as when a job is completed, when an error occurs, when the device is idle and ready for another operation or when it can be safely powered down, helping users streamline imaging operations.

  • Simultaneous hashing

    Defaults to any combination of MD5, SHA-1 and SHA-256 hashing to ensure forensic evidence integrity and provide investigators with a reliable chain of custody.

  • Native image collection

    Leverages PCIe, SATA, USB and SAS native disk connectivity, enabling investigators to quickly and efficiently image virtually any device type. Supports other media types, including FireWire, with a compatible adapter.

  • IT mode

    Allows IT employees to bypass hash calculations and accelerate the imaging process, such as when duplicating disks to populate new laptops.