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Oxygen Analytic Center


A new and collaborative way to view digital data.


The features and tools offered by Oxygen Analytic Center allow for the analysis of massive volumes of digital data as quickly as possible in a collaborative environment.


Browser-Based Solution

Multiple users have simultaneous access to their assigned datasets from anywhere, anytime, from any device.


Import Digital Data

Ingestion of Oxygen Forensic® Detective files and other data types from other digital forensic software.


Easily Create Reports

Flexible reporting. Customize and generate data reports in many formats like PDF, XLSX, HTML, XML, TSV, CSV, RSMF.


Built-in Analytic Tools

Understand your digital data better. With our built-in analytic tools make it easier to build your case and share with your team.


Advanced Filtering

Quickly locate critical information for your case – hash sets, keywords, regular expressions, visited locations, etc.


Customized Licensing

Figure out what fits best for your company, team, or agency.


Maximize your productivity.

Share the right data with the right people at the right time

Maximize productivity with real-time collaborative review and analysis by multiple team members across departments and jurisdictions.


Reduce or Eliminate Backlogs.

Speeds up time to resolution

Focus users on data most relevant to their role to reduce or eliminate backlogs.


Have control over your data.

Leverage your chosen online environment and preferred security protocols

Manage who can access and view certain data by admin controls through roles and permissions.


Key Features

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